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Jun 4, 2010 10:10 PM

Grass-Fed Steakhouse?

my husband & I recently watched Food Inc (eye opening, must see) & are interested in trying to eat more grass-fed beef. We are looking for somewhere to go to celebrate my birthday -- someplace steakhouse-y that would have great steak & martinis. (Before the movie, we loved to go to Mistral, but we're trying to branch out!) We live in the SF Valley but are open to driving a bit (ie to the Westside, Pasadena, etc). I've done some digging on this board but it looks like this kind of place might not exist; any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. You might try Paul Martin's in El Segundo.

    Paul Martin's American Bistro
    2361 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 180, El Segundo, CA 90245

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Thanks for posting this. I tried them today and got the Blackened Ribeye. Abbsolutely the best steak I have ever had. Period.

    2. Before you go and drop major $$$ at a steakhouse for grass-fed beef, have you tried grass fed beef before?

      Grass fed beef (unlike corn fed) is less marbled and for some may taste a bit more earthy and "off". So, if you are used to the fatty, marbled corn-fed "beefy flavor" of your typical steakhouse beef, just be prepared.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Grass Fed Steak always tastes better and also is far less tough. It is superior Beef and the cows are healthier. Healthier because they are eating what they're designed to eat - Grass.

        1. re: bigmartin

          Really? I've tried grass-fed quite a few times and much prefer grain-fed. I don't know any chefs who would agree with you. And they all know the issues, the beef just tastes better when fed grain.

          1. re: foodiemahoodie

            I just got some steaks and ground beef from Novy Ranch which is grass fed and I cannot believe how much better it tastes. I am pretty much sold on it despite the costs.

            BTW-Novy was raised in the stockyards and has had his ranch in Shasta County since 1976. He is also is the most respected veterinarian in Simi Valley and knows his cattle and his animals.

      2. I've had a bit of grass-fed beef, but not in steak form. Still, I have been a real meat-eater my whole life, but that movie made me want to try to support the non-corn fed movement.

        Anyone have a recent opinion on Tart? (I read the older posts, but there's not much of late).

        1. Boa Steakhouse in Santa Monica and West Hollywood offers a certified organic New York Strip Steak ($44) and a free range Veal Chop ($37) that are both grass-fed. As to be expected, both are outstanding selections, prepared and finished to your specification.

          Boa Steakhouse
          101 Santa Monica Boulevard
          Santa Monica, CA 90401-2201
          (310) 899-4466

          9200 Sunset Blvd
          West Hollywood, CA 90069
          (310) 278-2050

          Boa Steakhouse
          101 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. El Segundo is a bit far, I think. BOA looks good -- are you certain the NY Strip is grass-fed? The menu only mentions organic (could have been fed organic corn!).

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            1. re: ACorcoran

              Just my 2 cents - But people who are insisting on Grass-Fed are also insisting on Grass-Finished.

              Meat can be Grass-Fed but "Finished" in a feed-lot where they're consuming an assortment of stuff including antibiotics to help prevent them from getting sick from all the _______ they're being fattened up with.

              1. re: JBC

                Ugh! Honestly, the best thing to do is probably to just go organic vegetarian!

                1. re: ACorcoran

                  NO !!! DON"T give up !!!!

                  The food Industry is adapting to the demands of people who are insisting on Grass-Fed AND Grass-"Finished" meats. And if they don't adapt, they're losing some customers who go elsewhere to get what they want. There is no reason to go organic vegan when it's available:

                  Lindner Bison ~ Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer's Market ~ They were sold out in the cuts of Bison I was looking for by 1:15 the last Wednesday I went. So get there before then. What other Farmer's Markets (Stores ? Restaurants ?) do they sell in ? Call or E-mail them.


                  General Resource Guide to Grass-Fed & Grass-"FINISHED" :


                  L.A. Chowhound discussion on who serves GF:


                  1. re: JBC

                    I agree with JBC, don't give up. Ask a lot of questions! The more of us who do, the more likely restaurants and grocers will have the answers - and offer better quality meat.

                    For grass-fed - ask first if it's grass-fed. Then ask if it's fed grass/forage for 100% of its lifetime. Then clarify, so it's fed a grass-only diet, never any grain? There is a lot of confusion (and frankly obfuscation) out there so sometimes people give you inaccurate information.

                    If you want pasture fed and finished, you need to ask a slightly different set of questions, including Were the cattle ever put in a feedlot environment and why? Sometimes cattle are temporarily housed in corrals because of significantly inclement weather or drought or because they'll destroy a wet pasture. A good rancher, butcher, or purveyor should be able to tell you this kind of detail.

                    I have a list of questions that I ask, let me know if you'd like a copy.

                    1. re: Oliver Ranch

                      Hi Oliver,

                      I like your post above (as well as what you mentioned too, JBC).

                      Anyways, question for you: what were you referring to in regards to "a copy"? Is it correct that you were referring to a pamphlet of some sort to help the consumer ask the right questions concerning whether beef is truly grass-fed?

                      If so, I'd be interested.

                      Thanks again.