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Jun 4, 2010 09:05 PM

Looking for an AYCE korean bbq thats not Korean grill house or Grill Time

We are going out with my friend for his birthday and he really wants korean bbq

I'm looking for a place either dt or around christie or even finch would be fine that has good AYCE korean bbq where they also serve you lettuce and garlic and stuff so you can wrap the meat

Please if anyone knows a place let me know :D

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The "Bulgogi" House on Spring Garden and Yonge has AYCE Korean BBQ. North of Sheppard. About $20 per head.

      1. Swish by Han has AYCE bbq on Friday and Saturday nights after 10:30 I think. But the AYCE selection is not great - you are better off ordering ala carte. But they do have lettuce and an awesome sauce that goes with the bbq.

        Swish by Han
        38 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON , CA

        1. I am fairly sure that Miga on Bloor near Bathurst has AYCE.

          584 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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            Went to Minga on friday for a friend's bday for the all you can eat bbq. Very disorganized! There were 14 of us, so we had a number of tables, some didn't get much meat - our table didn't get any chicken. It also took 20 minutes to get our first beers, let alone our food.

            I would skip it.

            1. re: Shorttyred

              I went in March with a group of 27 over 6 adjacent tables....yes, it takes time to get served but they do a decent job overall...go with 4 people and you will get EXCELLENT service.

              1. re: Food Tourist

                Second the rec for Miga. This I believe is their second location (original in sauga which I've also been to). Korean-owned, their food is excellent and decor pleasing. The AYCE specials are good as they usually combine with soju if you wanted.

                there are great ones in yonge/steeles area but keeping to downtown, hmm...I cant recall the name now or if it's even there still, but on Christie, pretty much right by the ttc subway station is a restaurant (used to be spring garden I think) that had excellent bbq, although it has been awhile since I've been. It is right beside a hair salon with the baskin robbins at the corner.

                584 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                1. re: Solstise

                  Solstise, I would like to know your recommendation at yonge/steeles or #7/West beaver creek if you have any.

                  1. re: Solstise

                    is it called mulraebanga? green signage? if so, they closed i think now its a tim hortons

                  2. re: Food Tourist

                    whats the price at miga for the ayce?