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Need somewhere for a business lunch in Oakville...

jsfoodchat Jun 4, 2010 09:03 PM

Needs to be trendy, modern, not too over the top, all food prepared on premisis - nothing out of the box or grungy.

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    LJS2 RE: jsfoodchat Jun 5, 2010 01:29 PM

    Julias on Lakeshore Road is probably what you are looking for. Other alternatives are Paradiso or Seasons.

    125 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J1H3, CA

    Lakeshore Restaurant
    2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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      tastest RE: LJS2 Jun 6, 2010 04:25 PM

      We had a so so dinner @ Paradiso in Oakville this Friday night. One meal( the Morrocan chicken) was double salted and my salmon tasted frozen and slightly past its prime.
      Service was good but did not make up for lack luster food quality.
      And , yes, we did tell them it was far too salty. No comment from the server. It was a kind of "tough luck " attitude.
      Think they are banking on the glitzy look of decor and flashy "open kitchen" concept a bit too much. Would NOT recommend.

      125 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J1H3, CA

    2. t
      teekae RE: jsfoodchat Jun 6, 2010 05:11 PM

      If you want trendy and modern go to Bahn Thai (soontornbahnthai.com) on Lakeshore at George. You enter through HUGE wooden doors, it makes quite an impression.

      The food is excellent, some items you dont see in a typical Thai menu.

      That said, I dont even know if they're open for lunch :)

      Julias is excellent too. Paradiso's food is prety mediocre for dinner, but its patio is a great place to hang out for lunch, and if its just a salad or sandwich you're looking for they can probably deal with that ok.

      125 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J1H3, CA

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