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Jun 4, 2010 08:46 PM

Dining in Toulouse?

Hello, In my searches, I've found little on this forum concerning dining in Toulouse. We'll be there for a few days in September, before heading to the Pyrenees (thanks again for the fine recommendations there).

Dining suggestions for Toulouse will be most welcome. -- Jake

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  1. It's been several years, but the places we enjoyed were 7 Place St. Sernin (have the chef's surprise menu with wine pairings), Le 19, and Le Bon Vivre

    Le 7 is very contemporary, Le 19 a bit more traditional but updated, and Bon Vivre more classic upscale bistro.

    1. A must do is lunch in one of the restaurants above the main covered market.

      Noisy, crowded, but the real France. An experience not to be missed.

      1. I had two good meals (good enough that I went back for dinner) at La Reserve, near the Daurade, Rue Jean Sau 8. Great foie gras and creme brulee, excellent salads, pizzas OK. Lunch menu for 11.40 (I had an excellent salad with penne, a sherry viniagrette, apples, and emmentaler - a combination that worked great; along with a sautee de canard, which with the addition of a couple spices would have been a masala; and the aforementioned creme brulee - a *steal* for under 12 euro).

        1. Quick report re Toulouse dining:

          We reserved at 7 Place St. Sernin,, but because of the 7-plus hour AirFrance delay we experienced (there was a strike that day), we missed it. (We stopped by the next day, and it looks like a very fine place.) Fortunately, our helpful B&B proprietor (“Les Logis de St.-Sernin, -- we loved this place) sent us to the hopping/ late night Restaurant J’Go, 15 Place Victor Hugo, . It serves until 23:30 -- we just made it under the wire -- and enjoyed watching the pick-up scene from the overflowing bar below our second-floor window perch. We had the recommended lamb specials (they were very good, if not great), along with the best red Corbieres ever – wow. (But then maybe anything would taste quite good to us after 26+ hours in transit.)

          The next night we went to the somewhat touristy but traditional and very pleasant Emile, 13 pl. St-Georges, My cassoulet lived up to its billing (the foie gras was good too), and my wife, Mo, is still talking about her anchovies, followed by scorpion fish and stuffed calamari.