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Jun 4, 2010 08:29 PM

San Antonio (from Sea World on way to Austin) Mexican or Tex Mex

I know that it may seem like the parameters are terrible, but we will have a 2 year old with us and will most likely not be able to deviate from the path too much.

Ideally with Puffy Tacos, but I would prefer good over mediocre and the area limitations may make it impossible.

Can be off of 1604 or I 410 heading towards I 35

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  1. If you're willing to go up 410, go to Guajillos. You won't find puffy tacos, it's more authentic mexican. The menu isn't huge, but they have great tacos on up to fresh fish platters.
    If you get off on Blanco, make a left and it's right on the NW corner of 410 and Blanco.

    Blanco Cafe
    5525 Blanco At Oblate Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

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      As far as the kids thing goes, I've also got a passel of kids and grandkids and if you, like I, want them to learn to appreciate other cuisines, I would not order hamburgers. Or hot dogs. Or french fries. Or any of the other familiar "cop-out" foods to which they are accustomed. There are "kid friendly" things in every cuisine. After all, their kids eat, too.

      For Mexican, I've yet to see a kid that didn't like a cheese quesadilla, even 2-yr-olds. They're basically just grilled cheese sandwiches, except on tortillas. My 18-mo-old grandchild loves them, as did every other little kid in our family. You can add some chicken if you want something a little more substantial. And most kids like that Mexican rice, even if they are just 2 and eating it with their hands, which mine invariably did, and do.

      My personal mantra when trying to introduce children to different foods in order to expand their palates and knowledge of the culinary world is not to give in and not to give up.

    2. Trust me - having 5 children and 19 grandchildren - order hamburgers for your 2 yr. old.. Most kids that age are never satisfied with much else.

      For you -the very common mistake most folks make when visiting San Antonio is to stick to the tourist spots/traps. Since these places don't have to rely on repeating local customers, their food is frequently bland (at best) and pricey. If you are willing to get out of downtown, I recommend Martha's (about 20 minutes north of downtown at the corner of Babcock & Huebner) - great food, BIG and good margaritas, prices that will save you enough to drive from downtown.

      We live in the northwest area of S.A. But, we drive all the way down to Garibaldi's (6739 W US Highway 90, this is west of downtown) for their chicken enchalads. They depend totally on locals and they don't spend money on making the place look pretty. They just serve good food.

      If you remain concerned that the place must look pretty - a good compromise is Don Pedro's on 1526 Southwest Military Drive. Make their Sunday morning breakfast, if you can - great experience, good food, and again prices that will save you enough to pay to drive out of downtown..

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        I disagree about the BBQ. Try Two Bros BBQ Mkt. I've seen their setup, they cook low and slow over wood, not the typical drek we see here in most places.