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Jun 4, 2010 08:20 PM

Visiting Miami Beach -- what's best food to bring home?

We are coming down to Miami Beach this weekend for a wedding. Any suggestions for good local food to bring home to Orlando?

When I go to NY I bring back top notch rugelach, babka, whitefish salad, Nova, herring, scallion cream cheese, bagels, bialys, baked goods from Bouchon.

So, show me what you got Miami. What food should I look for?


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  1. I just googled Toojays and there is 6 locations in and around Orlando - they have the yummiest rugelah, they will certainly have scallion cream cheese, nova, bagels, whitefish salad etc. Have you not tried Toojays? It's a very acceptable chain in So Fl.

    2240 NW 19th St Ste 700, Boca Raton, FL 33431

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    1. re: smartie

      Yes, we too are big fans of TooJay's.

      Just checking if there is anything else we should look for. I've always heard the "appetizing" in south Florida is excellent, didn't want to miss out.

      Also, NB, doesn't have to be "Jewish-style" it could be any cuisine, anything at all so long as it's special!

      Thanks, smartie.

    2. I think OP was looking for Miami foods to bring back to Orlando, rather than Jewish deli foods to buy in Orlando.

      If that's right, the things that would probably travel best would be baked goods. You can find guava & cheese pastries and the like at just about any Cuban place, but I think the Argentinians may be better bakers. I like Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe on Collins Avenue in North Beach (just north of 71st St) for their churros and various other things stuffed with dulce de leche; and just a bit further north on Collins, Moises Bakery (Venezuelan) for their empanadas, in both baked and fried styles, and also tequeños (breadsticks w cheese) and cachitos (ditto, ham & cheese).

      Buenos Aires Bakery
      7134 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL

      1. I realise that but I was surprised they bought jewish deli foods in NY when Toojays in Fl have everything, and probably use the same Nova and Whitefish people Acme anyhow.