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What to order at Parkside & Fonda San Miguel?

Coming to Austin and would like to try these 2 restaurants this time. What should I order for dinner? Thx.

Fonda San Miguel Restaurant
2330 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

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  1. Memorable dishes and drinks, I've had at Parkside: ravioli with spring peas, pork jowls with polenta, broiled marrow bones, gin-rosemary-cucumber cocktail, fried okra, a dozen Kumamoto oysters, the ceviche,...

    There might be more but these are the ones that really come to mind.

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      anything off the raw bar is always good. Fluke is great

    2. Their menu is constantly changing according to what's available and fresh. If they have the smoked paprika shrimp on the menu, get it!

      Really, you can't go wrong here. Order what sounds good and ask the server what they like as well. Have fun, you'll love it!

      ..oh oh oh... if you are an adventurous eater, consider having the sweetbreads & veal tongue. ;-)

      1. I agree there aren't many losers on the Parkside menu. Some of my favorites: the ceviche, the oysters (ask your waiter), and the jowl/cheek dish (they usually have pork or beef jowls or cheeks).

        1. The fries are parkside are great. The hamburger is great. Most of the raw bar dishes are great. Most of the entrees (always changing are great). The fried egg sandwich is only so-so. I've never been wowed by the soups.

          You probably won't get too much feedback on Fonda San Miguel--most of us don't like paying $20 for enchiladas.

          1. At Fonda San Miguel, I'd recommend the Cocinita Pibil, which is insanely tasty.

            Fonda San Miguel Restaurant
            2330 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

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              It is a good dish. As are the Chile Rellenos. I usually get the Tampiquena and a watermelon margarita.

              The consistency has begun to slide a bit in recent years, but I haven't been in at least 6 months.

            2. The oyster sampler at Parkside was really great. And it may sound lowly but their egg sandwich is fantastic as well.

              1. Donut holes at Parkside

                Fonda is worth going only for Sunday brunch.

                1. Parkside, hands down: the Marrow dish
                  Fonda San Miguel, you can hardly go wrong--the Pibil is excellent, as is any fish dish they serve with Achiote--IMHO, you should do their Sunday buffet...

                  Fonda San Miguel Restaurant
                  2330 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

                  1. for fonda, i recommend the brunch.
                    it's very pricey for brunch in austin, but you get to stuff yourself with so many delicious things (they change constantly).
                    never been to dinner, and mostly for this reason.

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                      Can you tell me how much the brunch is? it's not listed on their website and I'd like to have an idea of the pricepoint before booking a reservation.
                      thank you!

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                        $40/adult and I believe $20/child. The one time I went I wasn't impressed.

                    2. Parkside:
                      The oyster selection is the best in time (not excepting Perla's).

                      Cocktails are of highest quality as well.

                      Conventional wisdom is that small plates & raw bar items are better than entrees, but I am not warranting that.

                      1. 2nding the marrow bones at Parkside. Nobody else in town that I know of is doing it, and you should definitely avail yourself of the opportunity. If they're still doing butternut squash soup, you might also try that. I can also recommend the mac & cheese, the fries, and the oysters. If you're here on a Wednesday, I think they still do half-price oysters and bubbly.
                        Fonda San Miguel's best feature is probably the brunch, though that doesn't mean you can't get great food the rest of the time. Stay away from anything that seems vaguely Tex-Mex and you'll probably be good.

                        Fonda San Miguel Restaurant
                        2330 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756