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Jun 4, 2010 07:52 PM

Spicy Beef - new at Burmese Kitchen

Dennis has introduced a new dish to the menu: Spicy Beef $7.95. We requested it between Medium and Hot - it's dry-fried shredded seasoned beef with sliced garlic and whole chiles, garnished with sprigs of fresh cilantro and lime slices - with a delicious intensity. We ordered a second plate of rice to finish it with Thumbs Up.
We're happy and satisfied fans of the La Pat Dok with rice, the Moh Hinga fish soup with noodles, the very fragrant shredded fried Spicy Beef and the dessert Tapioca with coconut milk and pumpkin slices. Dinner, hot tea, beer; $29 + tip/tax.

Larkin Express Burmese Kitchen
452 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I was there Tuesday night and they didn't have it, so it might not be dependably available. I was sorry to miss it (Dennis excitedly told me about it) and will call before going when I have my heart set on it. Very glad to hear it was as good as Dennis promised it would be.

    Is it similar to Thai dry fried beef?

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    1. re: david kaplan

      OMG - you mean Nur Kem like they have at Lingba? I would walk 20 feet over broken glass for that dish. Bizzarely, they've taken it off their normal menu and just have it as part of the appetizer plate - you can just order a serving though.

      Sounds more like the the Crouching Tiger dry-cooked dishes - listed as "dry cooked in Chongquing style" (under specialties


      Crouching Tiger
      2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

    2. After reading your post , I tried the Spicy Beef and I gotta say I loved it, but it reminded me of .... jerky. The texture was exactly like jerky.

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      1. re: osho

        but shredded dried beef... not stringy chewy jaw-breaking jerky?

        1. re: Cynsa

          I asked for Denis' famed Spicy Beef and was served a dish with loads of fried red chiles and strips of beef - like jerky, wish I had taken a picture. Delicious, but chewy !

          1. re: osho

            This is especially welcome since my previous source, Lingba / Thanya & Salee, closed a few months back. Burmese Kitchen ho!

      2. I had the beef tonight, take home. Have to say it was too beef jerky-esh. good spicy flavor but dry and too chewy for moi. of course, that was after a 10 minute cab ride home, so.... i appreciated ordering it because it wasn't on the menu but they gave it to me anyway. but not sure i'd order it again. what didn't suffer at all was the fish chowder, which i love, as they pack the noodles and fried yellow peas separately. even the tea leaf salad maintained it's crunch and zing. first time trying the rainbow salad and i felt the noodles were a bit doughy. I still Heart Dennis and BK, tho - i dream about that soup!