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Jun 4, 2010 07:50 PM

3 BYOs in the plateau

Okay, really two. One of them has to be Les Heritiers. I know, I know, but it's a once a year staple for us.
But what about the other two nights? We're leaning towards Le P'tit's been a while since we've been there. Le Bleu Raisin? Wanted to go to Yoyo, but heard they closed. Has anyone been to its replacement? How is Monsieur B's doing? It was great the last time we went.
All suggestions appreciated. Want BYOs, though. Thanks!

Le P'tit Plateau
330 Rue Marie-Anne E, Montreal, QC H2W1B1, CA

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  1. We just went to O'Thym on Amherst and de Maisonneuve last night. Haven't been there in years and it is still as good as I remember it 7 years ago. It has always been a BYOB. The menu changes often depending on what is in season.
    Last night they started off our meal with a complimentary gazpacho of white asperagus and pear with truffle oil. Served ice cold, it was a lovely starter. I then had a lovely arugula salad, with smoked duck, parmesan shavings and a figue confiture. It was fantastic. My partner had their salmon tartare with a endives and capers. Very, very tasty too. The portions were nicely sized and presentation was excellent.
    For the main course, I ordered one of two specials of the night, a cote de veau with a fresh morel sauce. It was accompanied by fresh steamed green beans and a pommes de terre gratin. It was cooked to perfection. My partner dug into a beautiful filet mignon with fresh cipollini mushrooms. Also cooked to perfection.
    Finally for dessert(I admit we couldn't fit in 2 desserts), we shared a lovely pot de chocolat with a salty caramel and 'brownie' on the the bottom of the pot. It was divine and was not quite enough for two, but alas, one has to think of the waistline sometimes......
    Overall I give it a 4.5/5 stars. The service was excellent and the prices were very reasonable. I'd definitely go back. Having gone to Yoyo and Le P'tit Plateau in the past, I think I actually like this place better. The ambiance is nicer, the restaurant has high ceilings and is well lit and not overly crowded although the place was packed last night.
    Give it a try. It is more in the "gay village' area than in the Plateau but definitely worth the short hike!

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      Mandarine! Thank you for reminding me! We did go to O'Thym a couple of years ago and liked it very much. At the time, the street was undergoing some amount of construction, and I remember having a difficult time finding it. was worth it! I think I just found another resto to make reservations at! Your descriptions were making my mouth water...for sure! I will check out their website. We'll be there Sat., Sun., Monday and some restos are closed Mondays. We have to eat somewhat earlier on Sat. nite because I don't want to miss the fireworks.
      Have you been to Yoyo since it was sold? Thanks again...I'll post upon our return.

    2. We took a big group of people and close to a case of wine over to Raisin Bleu a few weeks ago, and enjoyed ourselves.

      Table d'hôte is 49$ (4 courses), and there is also an à la carte set of options. Despite us being a dozen people and the place was loud and packed (but not unpleasant, I thought), service was sweet and competent.

      Everybody enjoyed some creative riffs on classics (we all took the prix fixe) ... the poudding chômeur dessert with a tiny ball of bitter orange sherbert which tasted on someone else's plate was totally killer.

      I'd go back.