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Jun 4, 2010 07:36 PM

Best Food Processor

I'm looking for a new food processor and I'm not sure which one to buy. I currently own a discontinued Braun model. I use it mainly for salsa, hummus, and I have a juicer attachment that I use a lot for lemons and limes.
I've had the Braun for 15 years. It's the first one I've owned and I thought it was great, but now that it's broken I have to admit it's not the best device. Anything put in the food tube ends up underneath the lid spinning around, so I never used it for grating cheese or slicing carrots or what not. Basically, except for the juicer, the attachments suck.
Price is not a concern. I cook a lot and I want the best.
Also, I have a Kitchen Aid standing mixer that I use constantly for baking, so I'm not looking to knead dough, if that helps.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I would agree. If space, money and weight are no problem then the Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast would be my first choice, if for no other reason it doesn't wash liquid down the outside when overfilled.

      I bought this one ...
      I have been very happy and got it for a lot less than list as it is now an obsolete product. It's heavy though.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I have a KA with two bowls and have been totally pleased with it over the years. The mini bowl option is very useful. I know lots of people who have a full-sized Cuisinart and a Mini-Prep. The KA does both without taking up the extra counter/storage space.

      2. I've had the KitchenAid 9 cup in chrome and it's a great machine. I'm sure the 12 cup is great too, but too big for me. I would highly recommend this machine.

        1. ages ago I had a Cuisinart, when they first came out, that, I believe would now be under the Robot Coupe name. I loved it. I now have a Cuisinart DLC-11 and it is ok but not the same. If cost were no object, I'd see if I could find a friend or restaurant with a Robot Coupe to try.

            1. re: JayL

              Second. I use one at work and it takes everything like a champ.

              The only problem is price and size. I don't know how the cheaper model works but that one is $400 while the R2 is $800 and up.

              Try looking on craigslist for a restaurant that is going out of business.

              1. re: Johnny L

                A RoboCoupe is a bit overkill for the home. It will mix concrete if you ever find yourself with the need to do so and your children will probably fight over after you are gone.

                Waring commercial food processors (industrial strength Cuisinart) are also an option.

                1. re: Kelli2006

                  I completely agree that the R2 is overkill for home use, but the OP asked for the best and said that price was of no concern. So the R2 it is. LOL

            2. I bought a Ninja for myself and several other people for Christmas last year. I LOVE it! It does everything my food processor does, and does everything my blender does, only better. I've seen them with many options - extra bowls with storage lids, etc. I got mine at Sam's club for about $50. You can find them online, too. The only downside i can think of is that the bowl for processing is smaller than the usual food processor, but the blender pitcher can be used for most everything as well, and is as large as a full sized processor.
              Good luck with your decision.

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              1. re: luckyladyd

                FYI, the new model of the Ninja, Master Prep Professional, is available at Sam's for $49 (YMMV). It includes the 48 oz pitcher, 40 oz bowl, and two 16 oz bowls. The website is charging $89 and only has one 16 oz bowl instead of two.

                Also, the original Ninja is available at Kohl's and Kohl's CC customers can take advantage of 15%/20%/30% off days.