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doufeu ac 12qt pot what is this thanks ??????

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bought this at a yard sale and was wondering about it any help would be great it says doufeu on top with a ac in a circle under the lid it says 12 thanks alot for any help itis yellow i paid 5 bucks for it

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  1. It's designed to have ice cubes or cold water placed on the lid to cause steam to condensate and return to the contents rather than having some of the steam evaporate.

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      is it worth anything if not i will try to use it also it seems old would you know the year thanks

      1. re: tampalax

        Do you see Cousances anywhere on the pot or lid?

        1. re: SanityRemoved

          it says doufeu on top and the letters ac in a circle its yellow the bottom in the center it says Cousances france 1553

          1. re: tampalax

            Well you made a nice purchase for $5. Everything I've been able to gather is that it was possibly made somewhere between roughly 1934 and 1956. Cousances was bought by Le Creuset in the mid 1950s and may have continued to use the same molds for some time. As with many cast iron items that have a long production life, they are extremely hard to date. Not sure how much of a market there is as Le Creuset still produces doufeus. None the less you now own an interesting piece of cookware.

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              thanks for all the info i will reserch some more but you gave me a great starting point

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                I bought mine in France almost 25 years ago, and it is a great pot -- why not clean it up and try it? They are quite expensive if purchased new...

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                  I have a doufeu and use it as I would any dutch oven. You don't have to put water or ice cubes on top. They cool beautifully and evenly, especially cuts of meat that need long, slow cooking to tenderize.

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                    how would you cook skinless chicken breast in them

                    1. re: tampalax

                      You would braise it... prepare a liquid base in which the chicken simmers...The heat for this kind of pot, when using it with the ice cover, should always be very low...the low temperature keeps the chicken moist, as it cooks in the liquid. I make chicken stews (Spanish variants, Creole types, Coq au Vin) all the time with this pot, and when the type of stew requires it, boneless breast that's cubed...Never a problem...