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Jun 4, 2010 06:54 PM

Penuche and other fudge recipes. Fool proof?

I love penuche brown sugar fudge, but have never been able to master it. My recipes are always too runny. Does anyone have a tried and true penuche recipe?
And if you've got any other foolproof fudge of any flavor you're willing to share I'd like to try those because I love me some fudge!
Thank you.

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  1. penuche recipes don't vary much, it's a pretty standard it's probably your technique. the runny consistency means the water content is too high, so either you didn't cook down the syrup enough, or it absorbed moisture from the air when you were beating it (or during cooling). do you live in a humid climate?

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      No dry, but you're right it probably is my technique. I've steered clear of penuche recipes that required a candy therometer. My aunt made wonderful penuche without one, but I obviously don't have the skill yet to judge by color and consistency while it's cooking. Mine's fine straight out of the fridge, but at the room temp I prefer its too soft.

    2. The easiest and best fudge I've ever made was a recipe from Karo Syrup. I"m sure if you search online you'll be able to find it.

      Found it myself: I've made it with all different types of chocolate and it has always come out great.

      1. This
        recipe for penuche has worked for me every time--I've done it about 6 times now. I do it exactly as written. I think the flavor is the perfect penuche flavor.

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          Thanks blue room and birmingham I'll try those.