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Jun 4, 2010 06:46 PM

New Prix-Fixe at Alinea Starting 8/1

So I made a rez at Alinea a few days ago and they informed me that beginning 8/1 they will no longer have the Tour and Tasting menus, but instead a 15-16 course menu at $185. I suppose this is to cut down on average dining times and turn over the tables more.

Now, I'm wondering if we should try for a table before then to get the 24-course Tour. Anybody think it doesn't matter and that new and greater things are in store, or would you go for the "more is better" philosophy and hit it sooner rather than later?

1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

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  1. It was already posted based on the info in Chicago Magazine's Dish column -

    Based on that, it sounds like they are not sure exactly how many courses will be included. However, I've had their smaller menu (12-14 courses) and I thought it provided a genuine Alinea experience, every bit as much as the larger menu. Given how often Chef Achatz changes his menu, I don't think you're going to be missing anything by dining there after August 1; I think it will still be as amazing, as delicious, and as fun as ever. If you can, hit it sooner AND later!

    1. My assumption is actually that there will be a similar number of courses to the Tour - even now they've been serving 3-4 things at once (transparency, bubblegum, and another bite.) From what I gather they are simply going to deem that one "course" on the new menu. Hell, the lobster in the apple vessel from my last visit was three courses listed as one.

      It'll still be great.

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        Thanks for the replies, and for that link to chicagomag. Actually, it sounds better than the 24-course Tour. Perform 15-17 lines but maybe three or four have two or more dishes each. It would give you an equal value for less money, and still speed along the experience. I'm in.