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Jun 4, 2010 05:33 PM

Great Pizza in Ventura

A friend was just raving to me about Tony's Pizza near the beach in Ventura....Is it possible? I doubt it but....Any thoughts?

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  1. Tony's is family owned and operated, and a longstanding Ventura landmark. I am not a huge pizza fan myself, but any pizza loving friend I have taken there has raved about it, including a couple of Ray's NY devotees,........spend the day working up a healthy appetite at the beach, and when the sun begins to set, the air turns chilly and the fog begins to roll in, head over to Tony's. Save room for McConnell's ice cream on E. Main, head east on Thompson 2 or 3 miles, Thompson turns into E. Main, McConnell's is on the left just past Lang St. I am a huge fan of McConnell's Turkish Coffee ice cream

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      Great!! Ummm, where is it in Ventura?? I know, I know, I'll google it myself.

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        glad you posted the map link, as you can see from the pic, Tony's is a charming little shack of a place, not fancy, but the best NY style pizza in Ventura....and the owners are always ultra gracious and entertaining.....i

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          Thanks for the info OmChef....will report back when i get a chance to head up to Ventura...

      2. I can't speak to Tony's, but in Ventura County, the local Toppers chain is sort of the "gold standard" by which we measure all other pizzas, local or not.