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Jun 4, 2010 04:09 PM

Places I wish were good...

On Cape Cod

I wish Matacheese was good.. I wish Brax Landing was many oceanfront places that are mediocre at best...

Anthony's has major ad time on WXTK advertising some amazing meals it any good??

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  1. Amen, sister, on Mattachese and Brax. Such a shame.

    1. Love the subject of this post!

      Am not from your area but can totally understand your sentiments. Why have a waterfront place if YOU ARE NOT GOING TO JUST CRUSH IT?! It's as if they spent all their money on real estate and just don't have anything left for the actually, ya know, food service part. We have some of those down here in Fairfield County too...

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        I agree totally. it's like they know the location will draw, so they don't need to spend on the food. For a coastal region with great maritime history, Fairfield County is surprisingly short on quality waterfront dining.

      2. Its so true. It seems like the better the locale, the lower the expectation. There are a few mid Cape exceptions, Ocean House being the biggest. But it boggles the mind how many waterfront misses there are out there... Brax and Mattakese are the top for sure, Mattakese especially given it's wonderful setting, but Clancy's, Captain Parkers, and Sundancers are all places whose longevity is shocking to me. And it is a wicked shame.

        Good thread topic Phelana.

        1. I would like to throw in the Landfall in Woods Hole to this mix. Great drinks, incredible ambiance. Alas terrible food. But just around the corner the Fish Monger has a surprising menu, and good consistent food.

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            I was at Spanky's on Ocean St. Hyannis. I did not eat but the food looked ok. However folks with me were forced to run to the meter and feed quarters. They are all educators or administrators and could not figure out the automated machine..anyway, it's a nice location but the young staff were hit and miss. Waits for drinks. We were also told by the young hostess at 4 PM if were not eating we had to get up from the table. There were about 7 empty tables. In this economy don't folks get it? Agreed on Clancys..such a common place..nothing special. Sundancers does well with the booze..has anyone had lobster or simple fare there?

            1. re: phelana

              I had the 1/2 pound "signature" lobster roll at Sundancers last season. Blechhhh-ptooey!

              I know what you mean about Spanky's. Wanted to try it last season for the first time, but we arrived at 11:00 AM and the hostess wouldn't seat us as B'fast was done and lunch would start for another half hour. We would have been content with just sitting with a bloody mary, but she suggested we walk around for a half hour and come back at a better time for the kitchen. Very strange attitiude to say the least. Given your statement that the food looked "amazing" I may have to give them another try. To be honest, as the owners' backgraound is as bartenders at the old Windjammer, my hopes weren't too high. Just goes to show you.

          2. Oliver's!!!! Fancy renovations but the food gets worse and worse. I have an ancient FIL who enjoys the service so he insists on the place. I'd rather be at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe - now that's the real Cape Cod: boats, harbor, and all....

            Sesuit Harbor Cafe
            357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

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              There a numerous examples of mediocre food on Cape, but the OP's lament regarding Mattakese hits a nerve. Rarely has a place with so much potential been mired in mediocrity for so long. The food was always "bleh" when I worked there in the mid-70s and still is today even though it's a new chef, new menu, and new generation running the show.