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Jun 4, 2010 03:46 PM

Parma Hotel + Itinerary HELP!

Fellow Chowhoundians, you have never steered me wrong, so I appeal to your culinary and travel insights. My hubby and 1 are planning on spending 1 night/day in Parma in 2 weeks. No hotel has been booked, so am looking for recommendations for an interesting/centrally located hotel as well as dinner and lunch suggestions. We are an NYC couple, no kids, early 30s, food lovers. Your help would be much appreciated. Also, any MUST MUST visit tour suggestions would be welcome. Thank you!

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  1. Hotels are really offtopic for Chowhound - but viaMichelin is a good resource for general travel info including hotels, restaurants and touring.

    Its always a good idea to search the site to see what folks have recommended in the past. Here is an index of info on some of the good restaurants in Parma

    In the past we have had a wonderful dining experience at elegant, traditional La Filoma, and a very good informal meal at Trattoria Tribunale note that one of the better restaurants, Parizzi, now has a hotel attached. I think if I were staying in the city center I might want to sample Ristorante Cocchi on my next visit - many think its the best restaurant in town. With a car, trips to wonderful places in the outlying coutryside are possible.

    the last time we were in Parma we stayed at relatively simple Country House Leoni Agritourismo - a pleasant but not romantic lodging which you would need to get a car to go to - and there is no place to eat nearby - , but they offer fascinating tours of their associated parmesan cheese, dairy and pig operation for a fee.and sell the cheese, salami and local wine at a store on the premises with which we made a picnic..

    Many people have taken tours through Parmagolosa of cheese and prosciutto di parma operations.

    Parma is wonderful - enjoy and hope you report back.

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        Thank you so much Jen! I was looking into Agritourismo Leoni as well =) I might look into staying a little closer to the city center like you suggested, since we're only going to be in town for 1 night. I do love AL's working farm concept which would be amazing too. Will let you know how we make out. Thanks again!