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Jun 4, 2010 03:44 PM

First time in Louisville

I'll be in Louisville for the first time, staying at the Galt House Hotel, and won't have a car. I like any kind of food--where can I go that's close enough to walk or take a short cab ride?
Thanks! Most of the Louisville postings are not very current,which is why I'm putting up a new query.

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  1. Just down the street. Might not be the best but it's nice and certainly is not too far too walk.

    Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse @ Suite 120 Waterfront Plaza, 325 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 502 - 584 - 0102.

    Better. Stay in your hotel and go up the elevator to 25th floor to Revue with a beautiful view of the city and fine food.

    West Main Restaurant
    915 W Main St, Greeneville, TN 37743

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      Thanks for replying so promptly and helpfully. These both sound like just what I'm looking for.

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        Just got back from Louisville, and I wanted to let you know we had a fabulous meal at Rivue. Thanks for the tip.

        140 N 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202

      2. when will you be in? am i too late to help? how many days/meals do you have?
        guess i'll just rant.....
        louisville is small, you can hop around on the bus (tarc) pretty easily, especially from downton, schedules and roots on their website.

        downtown isn't exactly hopping, but it's not dead either! i'd go immediately to the louisville beer store on market for a tasting or a pint. then to social (next door; super tasty and seasonal menu) or wiltshire pantry (just down the street, only open late week/weekend;check their website they have a small and weekly changing seasonal menu*i love this place.) stopping by 21C hotel/Proof on main (brown forman hotel, restaraunt/lounge)is cool, they have one of the best art gallerys in town(free), plus they have tasty drinks and an interesting menu.
        also to note, a brand new place in butchertown(on the edge of downtown), the blind pig (specializing in bacon but even a vegetarian can eat here). also, jack frys(in the higlands, is only a hop skip from where you are,and is probably known as the best place in town, it's delicious and the atmosphere is awesome and has a very louisville menu/ vibe.) plus you can't miss the highlands neighborhood, go past the college bars for fun shoping and beer *cumberland brews) as for lunch, i love safier mediterranean deli downtown(close to 4th and chestnut*just down from the louisville palace) the vegetable paradise sandwich, lentil soup, turkish coffee, homeade pickles and grape leaves are my regulars, it's oh so cheap too! as for not so close but within reach, i love vietnam kitchen, could eat here everyday there's like 100 items on their menu. and queen of sheba, an ethiopian place on the edge of the highlands, best comfort food there is.
        hope this helps!

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          Wow--what a lot of great ideas, and so many different kinds of food. I'll be in Louisville for 10 days, and I leave this Wednesday, so your suggestions are very timely. Thanks so much.

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            Just got back from Louisville, where we ended up eating at Safier twice and really loved it. I'm glad you mentioned the home-made pickles, because I knew enough to ask about them, and I got an order of stuffed grape leaves for the table. Both those items were delicous.

            I also looked at the menu at Proof, and would have loved to try it, but we didn't have time, so I've made a note to try it next year, when we will be back again.

            It was fun to try the different versions of Hot Brown!

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              did you try the orginal at the BROWN my opinion it is the best!

            2. re: lesleewoo

              You had me at the Louisville Beer Store. We're totally on the same page! My wife and I will be in town for about a week in early April so we're looking for the good stuff. I think your list'll keep us pretty occupied.

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                tons of places have popped up in louisville since i wrote that in june. the louisville beer store has a new place on bardstown road called the HOLY GRALE, 20 TAPS!, plus really tasty street inspired food. also, EIDERDOWN and HAMMERHEADS are in germantown. EIDERDOWN has yummy and seasonal german fusion. HAMMERHEADS specializes in house smoked meats.

                1. re: lesleewoo

                  Sounds fantastic, thanks for the heads ups!

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                    I see that they serve a "poutine" at Holy Grale. being a native Montrealer this makes me... I don't know, I get a lot of conflicting emotions. I've had so many "poutines" that didn't deserve to be called poutines I can get a little riled up. I take my poutine seriously! Everything looks fantastic, though and I expect nothing less than a stellar beer menu from these people. Both Eiderdown and Hammerheads also look amazing. I think Hammerheads is my favourite place that I've never been to.

                    Thanks again!

              2. I'm giving this thread a bump, as we have a big contingent coming to stay at the Galt House. Where should they go that's within walking / cab distance. Thanks!

                1. I'm a little bit disappointed that no one's mentioned Asiatique (my favorite restaurant in louisville) or Zaytun's (the best gyro I've ever eaten, including any of the greek festivals and several famous gyro places in chicago). Both are in the highlands.

                  Asiatique Restaurant
                  1767 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40208