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Jun 4, 2010 03:01 PM

Where to eat near trade center?


Maybe there is already a list somewhere, but any recommendations for eats near the trade center end of June time? I'll be there for a week so lots of time to eat. Was hoping to hit up some good lobster / seafood, steak, authentic irish food ... Also best micro brew pubs and breweries? -- Thanks!

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  1. Is that the world trade center on Northern Ave. ?? Try Daily catch at the foot of the old norhern ave bridge, the dry dock, lobster roll from the hook lobster company (the other end of the bridge) and see if Harpoon brewery still does 5 pm tours and sampling. It is also an easy walk to the north end and china town. Hope the weather will be dryer then.

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      Hi, ya this is at seaport blvd, and D street.

    2. there is also a morton's there and the restaurant at louis' should be open by then as well. drink and sportello are nearby and a divier bar is mj o'connor's. kinda faux-irish, but with actual irish ex-pats behind the bar.

      1. Lucky's is a nice place to drink with music on the weekends. Haven't had the food there in a while but it used to be pretty good.

        The Harpoon Brewery is also near there.

        1. Also nearby is Salvatore's (italian), Yankee Lobster (casual fish spot), Legal Test Kitchen (fish), bar at the Seaport Hotel serves food and there is the hotel formal restaurant. There are two sports bar looking places that have recently opened right next to the trade center.

          Yankee Lobster
          300 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

          Legal Test Kitchen
          12 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128

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            atlantic beer garden is not so new and its sister/neighbor whisky priest is basically more of the same -- weekend meat-mahkets. stay away.

            the only thing I've had decent at ltk is the burger. go figure.

            the food at the seaport hotel bar is terrible and i always resent auto-grats on small parties. they charge it even on singles. bogus.

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              Second the recs for Lucky's and the Harpoon brewery.

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                Just note. Lucky's is meant to seem like a dive bar and there is no sign. Food is good, thought.

                I like LTK.

                Yes, new restaurant at Louie's, Sam, is supposed to open this Saturday. It looks like an interesting moderately priced menu and it's on the water. It's just what the area (and all of Boston) needs. If the food is just a bit better than halfway decent it should be very popular.

                There is a faux Irish pub in the Westin hotel over by the convention center.

                The Barking Crab will attract you because of its location and open-air seating. But, go there just for drinks and steamers or a sandwhich, not a full meal.

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                  I don't know why the original piece of my post didn't show up...

                  I would not dismiss the ABG without knowing a significant amount about the OP. The place is great for what it is. They have a large selection of beers, it is right on the water, and there are multiple outdoor seating areas. They also have nice TVs if you're in to sports. I'd go here before even thinking about MJ O'Connor's or the Barking Crab unless you're afraid of girls (guys). Just don't expect anything other than run-of-the-mill sports bar food. And I'm not sure it even qualifies as a meat market compared to some of the places in Faneuil.

                  The Barking Crab
                  88 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210