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Vegans: What do you eat when you're hungover?

I'm 3 weeks into eating like a vegan - and today was the toughest day so far. If ever there was a day I craved a hamburger or meatball or slice of pizza - it was today as I was nursing a nasty hangover after "thirsty thursday" with my girlfriends. This morning I was a bit too sick to put anything in my stomach but a black tea. Then once the office stopped spinning, I managed to get down a PB&J sandwich. It seemed to do the trick - but was a far cry from the usual greasy comforts. Any suggestions? ( ...looking for something other than "stop drinking" ;) )

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  1. Box of Vegan Mac and Cheese..

    1. Tofu chilaquiles?

      Also, not as good without the eggs, but breakfast tacos might be a good one to try, especially if you can get a decent soy chorizo near you. I try not to use fake meat too much, but the Field Roast brand soyrizo is pretty tasty in breakfast tacos.

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        Also, I really like Northern / Shanghaiese / Taiwanese style Chinese breakfast - salty soy milk or soft tofu, with pickled vegetables, vinegar, soy sauce, and a little chili oil, served with a you tiao (oil stick). Granted, that's not easy to find in a lot of areas - looks like the OP might be in Europe.

        But any sort of savory / salty rice porridge (zhou / jook / congee) or even steel cut oats with savory toppings (soy sauce, green onion, canned wheat gluten puffs, spicy pickled bamboo, etc.) might be worth a try.

      2. Folks, if you have a suggestion for vegan comfort food for msmarabini, please go ahead and post. Jokes about giving up veganism really aren't helpful or appropriate.

        1. I am not sure about the hangover part. The best vegan breakfast is a "green" smoothie. Could you tolerate a fruit/green leaf blend packed full of nutrients? It would probably be the best cure for what ails you.

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            I agree with Windsor. Invest in a juicer! I love mine. Have fun trying out different combinations of fruits and veggies. Leafy greens are the bomb in juice form - such an efficient method of delivery.

            And take your vitamins. ;)

          2. make your own pizza :) english muffin or whatever you like as a base with tomato sauce and daiya cheese or nutritional yeast or both + toppings.

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              other ideas:

              hash browns
              quesadilla with soy cheese or daiya brand cheese
              onion rings or french fries (make sure onion rings aren't made with eggs or make em yourself)
              soy chorizo and tofu scrapple
              soy cheese mozzarella sticks
              breaded tofu nuggets

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                This is more on the right track than the rabbit food suggestions.

                I'll add:
                Vegan ramen or other big noodle soup
                Vegetable or tofu fried rice. Soy sausage would be good here, too.
                Vegan cheesesteak
                Veggie dumplings
                Apple fritter or pie with cream

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                  +1 on hashbrowns made with olive or another vegetable or nut oil. I'm not vegan, but crispy hashbrowns always make me feel better when hungover. I think the starch soaks up the alcohol.

              2. Nuts. High fat, semi-high protein, high calorie. Nuts and LOTS of water.

                In my vegan days, I'd also really enjoy fried starch of any kind. Potato chips are so common, but they're also one of my top-10 favorite foods, and they include most of the hangover-ameliorating qualities I look for.

                If you can, drink a ton of water before you go to bed (seriously, like 48 ounces) and you won't have to deal with the hangover in the first place!

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                  i eat pasta when i'm hungover (i drink enough water when i'm drinking on $2 pint night, that hangovers rarely happen). spaghetti with some red sauce or arrabiata sauce tends to hit the spot.

                  or hash browns with jalapenos like the ones they have at wafflehouse. mmmmm

                2. Rice, but not plain rice. It has to mushy as in congee or loaded with toppings as in fried rice and ketchup or bibimbap.

                  1. Thanks everyone for replying - there are some really good ideas here. Will also take into consideration some preventative measures - like alternating drinks with glasses of water - for next time. Cheers!

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                      The PB&J was a good idea. I'm a big fan of fried rice, or even just eating fruit until I'm full. The fruit doesn't sound like it's very "comforting", but actually was for me. Plus all the vitamins are great for a hangover. A smoothie like someone else suggested is a similar idea and also very good.

                      If you really need something greasy and delicious(which is understandable), I would go with soy sausage and hash browns. The best is Gimme Lean Soy Sausage. Saute that with hash browns. Add in whatever you like. Green Peppers, onions, jalapenos, salt and black pepper are my favorites.

                      Or it's delicious(and less time consuming) just slicing it into thin patties and cooking it like you would a normal disc shaped sausage.

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                        if you're sober (and ambitious) enough, try battering the PB&J then frying it, even just in a little bit of peanut or sesame or flax oil. more of a pan saute than a deep fry. good greasy dosage to soak up the 'cohol.

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                          Flaxseed oil for frying? I don't think you're supposed to do that.

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                            it's okay at moderate heat. ie below 300. but i guess most don't fry a PBJ below 300... i think the flavor combo is interesting tho.

                    2. Some favorites of mine, most of which are echoed in this thread:

                      Vegetarian pho
                      Vegan collards, vegan baked beans, and chicken-fried tofu (the Whole Foods near me rocks these items in the hot food bar)
                      Vegan breakfast burritos (scrambled tofu, soy chorizo, peppers, onions)
                      Vegan biscuits and gravy with steamed greens on the side

                      1. oatmeal with a banana and peanut butter mixed in

                        1. I'm not vegan myself but I used to live down the street from a vegan fast food joint that delivered. When I was hungover I would order their mashed potatos and their tempeh reuben. Every single time it did the trick.

                          1. Definitely hash browns with tons of garlic and oil and cayenne! Even better made with sweet potatoes.

                            Emme has the right idea!

                            1. Oh yeah, for sure tempeh reuben. The best! Apartment therapy has a great recipe.