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Jun 4, 2010 02:29 PM

Vegans: What do you eat when you're hungover?

I'm 3 weeks into eating like a vegan - and today was the toughest day so far. If ever there was a day I craved a hamburger or meatball or slice of pizza - it was today as I was nursing a nasty hangover after "thirsty thursday" with my girlfriends. This morning I was a bit too sick to put anything in my stomach but a black tea. Then once the office stopped spinning, I managed to get down a PB&J sandwich. It seemed to do the trick - but was a far cry from the usual greasy comforts. Any suggestions? ( ...looking for something other than "stop drinking" ;) )

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  1. Box of Vegan Mac and Cheese..

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          1. Tofu chilaquiles?

            Also, not as good without the eggs, but breakfast tacos might be a good one to try, especially if you can get a decent soy chorizo near you. I try not to use fake meat too much, but the Field Roast brand soyrizo is pretty tasty in breakfast tacos.

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              Also, I really like Northern / Shanghaiese / Taiwanese style Chinese breakfast - salty soy milk or soft tofu, with pickled vegetables, vinegar, soy sauce, and a little chili oil, served with a you tiao (oil stick). Granted, that's not easy to find in a lot of areas - looks like the OP might be in Europe.

              But any sort of savory / salty rice porridge (zhou / jook / congee) or even steel cut oats with savory toppings (soy sauce, green onion, canned wheat gluten puffs, spicy pickled bamboo, etc.) might be worth a try.