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Jun 4, 2010 02:07 PM

St Ives and around - with coeliac dad !

Dear all

Staying part way between Penzance and St Ives for a week in mid/late July

Top recs welcome for lunch or dinner, especially for fresh and reasonably priced fish/seafood. As my dad is coeliac we need places which genuinely do fresh food and have a flexible attitude, ideally.

Some recs I have had from a friend, for St. Ives

Porthgwidden beach cafe
Saltwater ( ? on Fish St. ? )
Portminster Beach cafe,

.....and a bit further out

Tinners Arms , Zennor

2 Fore Street, Mousehole

Was also considering a trip up to one of the Stein places in Padstow but have had iffy feedback re value - likewise with Fifteen near Newquay - any thoughts ?

Is it safe to assume that Penzance remains a culinary desert ? ( had one of my worst meals of all time there in an Italian place about 10 years ago !)

Finally am looking to break the drive down overnight somewhere en route from Liverpool - a friend has suggested Taunton area - any recs on good places to stay and eat in that area, where they will be happy to cater for coeliac dad ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

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  1. What, no replies? Come on Chow folk of the UK,someone must have been somewhere decent ?!

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    1. re: willowan

      Nowt positive, I'm afraid. We had a week at Mevagissey about 4 years back - the area was a culinary desert.

      We did schlep over to Padstow to the Seafood Restaurant. Food was OK but the tasting menu was hardly good value for money - very much playing on Stein's name. No personal experience but Margot's gets a very good play on another well known board.

      1. re: Harters

        Blimey , thanks anyway. Since Padstow is a bit of a schlep from St. Ives I may not even bother with Margot's.

        Any ideas for a place to stop overnight en route ?

        1. re: willowan

          Not really - we did it in one longish day. It's fine till you get to the end of the M5 then the drive slows down quite a bit. Breaking it up might make for less hassle, but assuming you stop both way, then you're adding a couple of days to your trip. It's a dilemma I often get when driving to Belgium & France, but I now usually have an overnighter at Dover both ways.

          Good Food Guide turns up a couple of places in Taunton. The Castle Hotel (cooking score 4) and Willow Tree (a 6)

          1. re: Harters

            brilliant, thanks. Much appreciated