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Jun 4, 2010 01:43 PM

Charlotte BYOB

Can anyone comment on BYOB restaurants in CLT ? Is there some law the prevents it ? Is it county based ? If BYOB is ok, then which restaurants have reasonable corkage fees ?
I am traveling from Atlanta, where BYOB is ok.

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  1. I know in the city BYOB is permitted and restaurants typically charge a corkage fee. I haven't done it several years (I don't think it's that common of a practice these days - atleast not here) but I have taken a special bottle to Carpe Diem and was charged a $8 fee, but again, that was several years ago. Incidentally, Carpe Diem is a lovely restaurant, just south of uptown, with a great menu (love the seared scallops over an almond-brie risotto).

    Are you looking for a casual or fine dining establishment? Particular part of town? Is it for business or pleasure. We'd need some more details to recommend specific restaurants.

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      I am near Univ NCC, but I will drive wherever. I might try Carpe Diem. Or Asian would be nice since I collect Riesling.