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Jun 4, 2010 01:22 PM

Best charcuterie/butcher shops in the 6th?

We've rented an apartment in the 6th for a week and we plan to visit the local shops to stock up on tasty supplies. We've found great recommendations for fromageries, patisseries, and boulangeries, but I've only found a couple mentions of charcuteries on the board (Gilles Verot). Is this shop still the one to visit in the area? If not, where should we go to buy high quality charcuterie and other meat in and around the 6th during our stay?

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  1. Not knowing which corner of the 6th you are, I can only recommend the excellent Basque charcuterie Oteiza on 18, bd St Michel, on the edge of the 5th very close to the 6th.
    In general the Maubert (Tues. & Thurs morning, on the 5th near the 6th) and Raspail (Sunday morning) markets (not on everyday) have very good quality meats and produce.

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      Thanks! We'll be staying on rue Jacob, but we don't mind a metro stop or two to get to the good food. We've actually strolled the Raspail market in the past, though we weren't really paying attention to the quality of everything at the time because we were stuck in a hotel on that trip.

    2. When we had an apartment in the 6th, we bought good meat at Bon Marche (7e) and and the butcher shop in Marche Saint Germain (6e). Also plenty of charcuterie at either. Excellent Chacuterie Coesnon (30, rue Dauphine; is small and personal. L'Epicerie d'Olivier Pitou is a darling little shop on Sts. Peres near Jacob that offers a small assortment of charcuterie. It also keeps late hours although selection becomes scant on many items.
      http://paris-est-une-fete.over-blog.c... If you're nearby, it's a good address in a pinch for many things.

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        Thanks for the great suggestions - it's the recommendations for the little personal shops like these that I was really looking for. We've been to Bon Marche in the past to pick up snacks for a picnic lunch, and I'm sure we'll be visiting there again on this trip. It's a feast for the senses!

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          We used to buy most of our meat and poultry from Bon Marche, we tried lots of small local butchers but generally found the quality and price at Bon Marche was the best.....that is why there is usually a long line for service at the butchery counter with 3 or 4 butchers serving.

          It may seem like a food boutique but it is a place a lot of people do their regular shopping, the regular vegetables are also good quality, and the specialist vegetable/fruit section often has produce most other retailers don't have i.e. their fresh chilli selection, whilst not great, was better than most other places.

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            Good to know... I will admit that proximity to Bon Marche was a major factor in deciding which apartment to take in Paris, and I'm definitely going to return there on this trip! I'm just trying to make an effort to expand my horizons and venture in to the neighborhoods a bit more this time around.

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              A good street to browse along is Rue du Bac (from the side door of Bon Marche) there are quite a number of good food shops, and the fishmonger does very good smoked salmon that is cut to order, again often a queue for this, their oyster selection is also fine. Don't miss the cheese shop Barthélémy at 51 Rue de Grenelle, which just off Rue di Bac - very good for chèvre and Roquefort - do remember to tell them when you intend to eat it. And near where Rue du Bac meets Bld Saint Germain there you can find the La Cave de Joël Robuchonon at 3 Rue Paul-Louis Courier (it is around the corner by the cafe at the end of the road)