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Jun 4, 2010 12:59 PM

Restaurant for Lunch in Paris - around €180-200 for 2 inc. Wine


I'm coming to Paris at the end of June for the weekend with my girlfriend as its her birthday.

I was looking for somewhere to have lunch on the Saturday. Including a bottle of wine I was looking to pay around €180-200 for two people.

We're both in our early 20s and while we'll be well dressed throughout the weekend I don't know if we would want to be formally dressed at lunch. I want something romantic, relaxed and welcoming.

Any and all recommendations will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. gosh! there are so many places... Help me out a bit....where are you staying and what do you like to eat?

    1. Saturday lunch is actually difficult (and I thought I posted that already...). Most good places (and less good) places are closed.

      What I would do with your constraints is ALC Chez l'Ami Jean, sharing a couple of dishes. I had a wonderful meal there (yet again) last week : *** lobster, wonderful cote de boeuf, and of course the riz au lait still would have left almost 100€ for wine.

      Otherwise, la Grande Cascade has an 85€ lunch deal with wine. Le Cinq 78+wine. La Table de JR has 59 with beverage but I don't think they offer it on saturday.

      1. For both great food and amazing atmosphere/view - nothing beats the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. One of those never to be forgotten moments; and after your meal walk through the 360 degree view of Paris from the windows. Must reserve. Service is kind to non-French speaking visitors.

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          I think lunch is over his budget. Check the web page for sure.

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            Last year for hubbie's bday lunch at le Jules Verne we managed to pay just over 200 euros for 2. He ordered 3 courses ALC while I had the lunch menu, add to that 1 apero and 2 glasses of wine. If you both order the lunch menu you might be able to meet your budget, but as hychka advises, check the site.

            1. re: schtroumpfette

              Sorry, I just checked my notes and we paid 275 euros, and there were 2 aperos not 1.