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Jun 4, 2010 12:39 PM

Whats For Dinner? Part XXXIV

I went to post and realized we are already over our 200 limit again. So here is our new thread. Come one, come all and share your meals.

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  1. The egg salad I had made for a work lunch was put aside as it was decided to be a Company Lunch day - had a wonderful salad with grilled sirloin tips and Parmesan-Peppercorn salad dressing for lunch.

    So either leftover chicken from a few nights ago, or egg salad sandwiches and some chips. We'll see what I feel like when I open the fridge. :-)

    1. Boyzoma, again you are on the ball with ordering the new thread, excellent job!

      Tonight, split chicken halves, marinated with lemon, garlic, cumin, coriander, smoky paprika, a little cayenne, a pinch of cinnamon and olive oil and cooked in cast iron under my special brick, which I found in my backyard, a basic rice pilaf with almonds and steamed green beans with butter and thyme; trying to make up for a almost meal-less week.

      Recipe inspiration thanks to Tyler Florence.

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        Doesn't everyone have their own personal back-yard brick? Sounds great bushwickgirl! And since we are also having green beans, I think I will add a little thyme as well. I also have some little pearl onions I think I'll throw in.

      2. Nice lunch, LW! Love when it's on the company dime!!

        Special brick, Amiga?? Like, as in, foil covered one! hahahaha - they work great!!

        Tonight is a little bit of a mishmash, again. Two bone in breasts are dry brining right now and will be roasted with some parmesan, parsley & garlic stuffed under the skin, very tasty, the boys really like them. Then I have two b-s breasts, also dry brining on a rack, and can't decide if I'll do a fajita toss with them or a stirfry. Either way, I just got back from a Costco run, so lots of fruits & veggies to use up. Either fajitas with a mango - pineapple salsa or an orange chicken stirfry over brown rice. Prolly go with my fave, the fajitas since I have ripe avocados, let the boys eat the roasted breasts, and use leftover muy caliente salsa from my fave taco place lunch on my fajitas. It's sad, I can eat them everyday!!

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        1. re: Phurstluv

          This is a nice brick with the company name imprinted on it and no chips or cracks or mortar bits attached, and yes, foil covered, of course! It's a part of kitchen equipment often overlooked, but everyone should have one, either for cooking or door stop use.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            Cool. I have one of those too. In fact, my whole kitchen and den are floored with original LABCO (Los Angeles Brick Company) distressed bricks, all the way out to the patio. I know, I know, don't even get me started, they are the BAIN of my existence, and it won;t be until we hit Lotto that we will ever be replacing them!!!

        2. Day 2 on the burger express; today: lamb mixed with mint, garlic, onion power, chopped dried apricots & crumbled feta. Oven roasted off some chopped onion & tomato; mixed with oregano, cumin, chopped kalamata olives & some crushed red pepper flakes for the topping along with more feta & shredded romaine. Veggie fried rice for a side.

          1. Day two of penance for six month excess. I opted out of an invite to a restaurant owned friend of boyfriend. He's drinking martinis and eating ostrich burgers, while I try to enliven a veggie bowl. Red peppers, sliced romas, lightly steamed green beans, with a judicous (okay, spiteful) amount of balsamic vinagrette mixed with roasted garlic. My treat will be two hard-boiled eggs, quartered, and dipped in soy. And, apparently, a beer. But it's a paler ale (Samuel Adams, Summer), and I'm barely enjoying it.