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Jun 4, 2010 12:22 PM

Cannoli filling coming out gritty

My regular market was all out of fresh ricotta so I'm using the Trader Joe's Fresh ("Fresh"?) Ricotta. Mixing 2 cups of the stuff with 1 tsp of vanilla and powdered sugar to taste (about 1/4 cup) in the food processor....even after five minutes it still has gritty texture. I tried mixing in 1/4 cup of Mascarpone to no avail...any tips?

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  1. I've never had TJ's ricotta but some brands are gritty. Nothing you can do to fix it

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      Sargentos just came out with a velvety smooth ricotta and it works absolutely perfect for the Canolli filling perfect consistency and I have used crushed reeses pb cups and they came out so yummy!!

    2. Have you tries putting it through a fine sieve? I usually use superfine sugar rather than powdered sugar since powered sugar has corn starch in it.