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Jun 4, 2010 12:13 PM

Nigiri-Ya sushi on Millwood in Leaside?

Anyone tried this new sushi resto? Heard it was authentic Japanese.

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  1. Yup, tried it two weeks ago and it was fantastic and authentic Japanese. Chef used to work at Nobu and he and his wife recently immigrated from Australia. Super small operation, primarily for takeout which is odd for sushi. Only has about 3 tables and can fit about 10 max. Friendly service from the Mrs. and the fish is fresh and not your typical salmon and tuna. Had Omakase deluxe, then sashimi plate and then asked the chef to make us whatever he wanted. We almost cleared out his fish supply given it was a Tues after a long weekend and he closes on Sun and Mon - bit risky to try a new sushi place given that but he is a winner. He does not serve cooked food, just sushi. Very reasonable. I will go back any time.

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      Thanks! Will definitely try it--sounds great.

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          What is the most impressive item you have at Nigiri-Ya ?

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            Sorry skylineR33 for the late response, it's been a while. I would say it is more the quality that impresses me. The food is fantastic and consistent with every dish so hard to pick one item. The lighting searing on some suhsi really brings out the smokiness and enhances the texture too. Use of ponzu/yuzu is glazes is great. The knife skills and portion size of fish to rice is perfect. Scallop was great. The shrimp was superb - coud be tops here. Call ahead and ask the chef to make you something special and you will have more variety too.

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              skylineR33 is probably looking for something a little more technical. Like, what differentiates Nigiri-Ya from other restaurants (other than, of course, the whole aburi thing, which I'm not exactly excited about).

              How's the shari (texture, seasoning, formed differently based on chopstick/finger usage, etc.)? How was the fish selection? How was the omakase served, and did it include any of the North Americanized garlic butterfish/etc. roll stuff?

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                I think his main thing is the aburi style. When I went, the fish selection wasn't great...salmon, ebi, white fish, tuna, and unagi. And we had a tempura roll, because there was nothing else left. Maybe we went at a bad time.

                But the shari was so-so, not very well flavored and was loose. I felt that for the price, they certainly could have included more unusual selections. For the same price point, I probably could have gotten amaebi or chutoro or scallop in my usual haunts. I guess I like more traditional sushi where the freshness of the ingredients paired with well-made shari take centre stage.

        2. tried to go today around 7:30 pm and sadly there was practically nothing in the chiller. just a couple of pieces of unagi and a few slivers of tuna and salmon. the husband and wife team were there and were both lovely and very apologetic that there wasn't much choice left. apparently fridays and saturdays are quite busy so they haven't perfected the supply and demand balance. i will definitely be back to try this place! i'm glad people are supporting the enterprise.

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            Address!!! We need an address!!! And possibly an idea of pricing would be appreciated!

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              Here's more info and photos.

              897 Millwood Rd. Phone:416-423-4419

              Our meal was about $130 for 3 adults and we were very satisfied with the quantity and quality.

              Xing78 - as for why not? I assume you are asking why there is no cooked food. In Japan, restaurants speciliaze in one thing so if it is tempura then all they serve is this. e.g Yakitori rest, sushi rest, izakaya, shabu shabu, etc. So Nigiri-Ya is staying true to Japanese restaurant traditions since the chef is a sushi chef. Who knows maybe one day he will North Americanize it and serve everything but I hope not.

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              hmm, Garlic Butterfish roll. I wonder if they serve that in Nobu(assuming it is escolar)...

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                Take-out sushi, garlic butterfish roll, limited fish selection. Don't sound right to me.

              2. With his credential, may be he'll fare better in NYC where he can source far more and varied ingredients?!
                However, irrespective, to have a place named 'Nigiri-Ya sushi' and not having decent 'shari' somehow dosen't sound very promising to me?!

                1. I ordered from there last night and it was fantastic! Freshest, tastiest sushi I've had in a while. Portions were perfect sizes (i.e., not loaded with rice or huge chunks of fish). It was worth the wait (45 minutes when I ordered at 7.45pm). The teriyaki salmon roll recommended by them when I ordered was just delicious. I'm definitely going back.

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