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Jun 4, 2010 11:43 AM

Dynasty - status?


I think the thread about Dynasty closing in favour of a Charles Khabouth bistro has been zapped. Does that mean the rumours weren't true? Gregclow? Anyone know???

Cautiously optimistic,
Peppermint Pate

  1. Do a search in Greg's news is good news??

    1. When I contacted INK (Khabouth's company) about the Dynasty situation, they said that they had no comment at this time. So no confirmation - but no denial, either.

      I guess people can take that however they choose for now.

      1. This doesn't help your long-term planning, but I passed by today and it appeared to be open!

        1. I went to the Dynasty on Sunday for Dim Sum.
          Asked the "closing " question.
          Was told that they are not closing. Rumors of them being bought are not true as the big boss is saying he would never sell.

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          1. re: Foodie0423

            They have a lease. There's nothing to sell.

          2. Folks, the last Dynasty thread was locked for being pure speculation, so we're going to lock this one, too. If someone has concrete information from a confirmed, publicized source, feel free to start a new thread.