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Jun 4, 2010 10:31 AM

Lunch options near Powell & Market?

Hey there,

Just started working right at Powell & Market, and would love to get some tips on the weekday lunch options around here. I know there's Out the Door in the mall, and Cancun Taqueria up at 6th & Market. What else? What are the best (reasonably cheap) options?

Apologies if there have been previous discussions on this, but I didn't find much in my search.

Out the Door
845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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    1. I've been suprised by the options available in the basement of the Mall. In addition to what you've mentioned I've had great Poke there and just looking around I saw other tasty options.

      1. Passion Cafe on 6th is an interesting option. Beautifully restored building, rooftop eating, warm staff, good coffee... with OK if not inspired food. Definitely worth checking out.

        Fish and Farm was offering a lunch menu under the name American Box Lunch. That URL seems to be dead, and there have been reports of ownership changes and new chefs there, so I have no idea what's up with that. But I am curious. If they offer a burger, and it has any relation to the burger on their dinner menu, it should be excellent.

        A bit farther into the 'loin you'll find Eden's Turkish Food, a tiny place with mouth watering descriptions found here:

        1. With the closure of Cafe Espresso in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, I've had to find an alternative place for a light, inexpensive lunch. My compromise solution has been the Boudin bakery located in the bottom of Macy's. Good sandwiches on great bread, nice selection of tasty cookies, and plenty of seating. I wish there were windows, but what can I expect in a basement? For a nicer lunch near Union Sq, I'm very fond of Emporio Armani's restaurant, located in a grand old bank building. I'm interested to see others' fresh recommendations for lunch near Powell.

          1. If you're willing to walk a bit:

            Windy's month of lunches 2008 (FiDi)

            Windy's month of lunches - SOMA edition