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Jun 4, 2010 10:22 AM

How to use porcini-truffle cream?

I've got a small jar of porcini and white truffle cream that I bought in Paris (the bottle says: Crème de Cèpes et Truffes Blanches). I'm stuck on ideas for something to do with it.

Has anyone used this kind of truffle preparation before with good results? I am thinking risotto, roast chicken, etc.

The woman who sold it to me said that I should dissolve it in stock before I use it. I imagine this might help it to release its flavors. Any thoughts on this?


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    1. I'm not sure how similar this is to the "salsa di tartuffo" from Italy, but if it contains olive oil and the mushrooms, I like it best on pasta or bruschette. For the former, I mix it with very good quality extra-virgin olive oil, some good grated Parmesan, salt and pepper, and onto the pasta it goes. How much olive oil you use depends upon how strong your product is.

      I don't know about the idea to dissolve it in stock. I'm sure one could dissolve it in a little bit of stock and use it for pasta -- how did the woman who sold it to you suggest you use it?

      But basically, no matter what you do, the stuff is delicious and will be good however you use it. Or you can just chug it. LOL.

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      1. re: visciole

        I think that dissolving it in stock might have been for risotto, but not sure. There was a bit of a language barrier.

        Your idea for some pasta sounds good. I might add some cream also.

        I need to remember that with something like this I need to keep it simple or risk clouding its flavor.


        1. re: chocojosh

          I would suggest sampling it first without cream. True, I am generally not a fan of cream in pasta sauces; but truffle, especially white truffle, is a unique and delicious flavor which I think would be masked to some extent by the cream.

          Whatever you do, enjoy it!

      2. Truffle tends to go on anything white - risotto, pasta, cheese, even pizza without tomato - provided that you don't cook it but simply add it at the end of the preparation.
        I think you probably have one of those preparations made with grated cheese and olive oil and flavored with truffle oil or with some grated truffle. If this is the case this is a ready condiment and you don't need to add anything to it. I second the suggestion above: make a risotto and add it before serving. It's probably the best use for something like this

        1. A 9o gram jar is warmed with 1 quart of cream then tossed with 1 lb pasta and topped with parmesan/parsley, eyc

          1. Great in scrambled Eggs or Omelet.