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Jun 4, 2010 09:45 AM

Langers deli case? Whitefish/chopped liver by the pound?

After combing the posts, I have a game plan for Langers - we are going to go for an early weekday lunch on our way to the airport and split a classic hot pastrami - and decide on some treats to bring on the plane or in our cold bag. My question is - does Langers sell quantities of meat and liver and whitefish salad, or do you have to buy a sandwich? Sorry if this information is out there already and eluded me!

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  1. Their website indicates that if it is on the menu you can get it to go. Suggest you take a look at the menu by going to

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    1. re: Hughlipton

      Thanks - I did troll the website, and I get that I can order menu items to go! I wanted to know if I had to get it as stated on the menu, or if I could order it by the pound.

    2. Langer’s sells virtually everything by the pound:

      Pastrami $20
      Chopped Liver $10
      Corned Beef $18
      Other Cold Meats $16
      Whitefish $14

      Prices are approximates.

      Langer’s Deli
      704 S Alvarado St
      Los Angeles, CA 90057
      (213) 483-8050

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      1. Well, a little team work got this done. Thanks degastateur. By the way, when you open your special meal on the plane don't plan on making many friends who did not have the foresight to provide for themselves. That, or buy plenty and plan on making new friends. Whatever you do have a good and safe flight.