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Jun 4, 2010 09:44 AM

Lichee - where to buy in queens

Just back from China and theyre in season there. Any ideas? I'm in sunnyside.

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  1. We were in Flushing last week and I didn't see any. The fruit-mongers were pushing cherries.

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    1. re: shaogo

      They're in Manhattan Chinatown now at $4 a lb apparently.

      1. re: buttertart

        Ooops. Maybe I didn't see 'em. I'll be in Flushing this Monday and am now determined to buy some. They're my spouse's very favorite fruit.

        1. re: shaogo

          This is in Manhattan Ctown, not Flushing, haven't been to Flushing in a dog's. Mine too! The queen of fruits. Love them. First had them in Taipei years ago, am so happy they're easier to come by these days in the US. (PS are you looking at my "Chinatown fruit report" thread on the Manhattan board? Lots of good info and fun discussions.)

          1. re: buttertart

            I know. Manh. C/town is just too much of a hassle with the car (and actually, it's a truck if we're going into Flushing to buy provisions). I go to Manh Ctown just about once every 5 weeks only...

            1. re: shaogo

              About as often as I get to Flushing! I can imagine Manhattan would be a nightmare under those circs.

    2. Back to the OP:

      Chung Fat Supermarket is on Main Street in Flushing, and what used to be Kam Sen (now it's "new" A&N or something like that) is across the street. There's free parking for Kam Sen behind the store.

      There are smaller fruit mongers closer to the trains on Main Street and on Roosevelt Avenue. I'd hazard a guess if the Lichees are in Manhattan now, they're in Flushing, or will be soon.

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      1. re: shaogo

        They have them in Elmhurst.....the stores along Broadway. I got some for $4.99/lb last week, and they were delicious!

      2. They have them at Pacific Market at 74th and Broadway/Roosevelt in Jackson Heights too. They have them bagged in a net bag so you have to buy a certain set amount. I also saw some at a market on Broaday in Elmhurst just outside the Grand St. stop. They were being sold loose.

        Pacific Market
        75-01 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

        1. I just bought some from the Asian Supermarket across the street from Donovan's in Woodside - I think they were $4.99 per pound. I do know they were super sweet and juicy.

          Woodside Cafe
          60-06 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

          1. I got some nice Juicy, sweet ones at Patel Bros on 74th st for $4 a pound this afternoon.