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Jun 4, 2010 06:33 AM

Craving Soft Shell Crab Sandwich!

Does anyone know where i can get a great soft shell crab sandwich in either park slope or wiliamsburg? Tis the season and I'm having a serious craving.

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  1. sorry I meant to specify for lunch.

    1. Try Pete's Waterfront on Atlantic; I loved it!

      1. It's so easy to make a soft shell crab sandwich yourself! Buy fresh, meaty crabs from your local fish store, where it can be cleaned. Dredge the crab through an half-and-half mixture of corn meal and all-purpose flour (with a few pinches of Old Bay seasoning added). Sautee in butter for about four minutes on each side and serve on a lightly toasted bun with your favorite spread (mayo, tartar or...) and enjoy!