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Jun 4, 2010 06:24 AM

Frog Burger: new Steve Poses outside Frankilin Institute

rocknroller52 mentioned this place on another thread. Located in a tent near the airplane outside the FI & just opened Memorial Day weekend. Since it's an easy walk from my office & those burger cravings are hard to resist, I'm a little more than interested. The theme is supposed to be backyard BBQ.

Anyone been? Good? Prices? Crowded, at lunch? Are you fighting bus loads of visiting kiddies? Grab & go, or are there adequate places to perch & eat? In the shade? Are they open beyond the museum's hours? Is there a website with a menu, perchance? Tell us! Tell us!!!

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    1. Patti-I don't think people have found out about this yet. It's a little hard to see from the sidewalk and they don't have any signs out.

      I was over there on Wednesday and there were only a handful of people. There are shaded picnic tables. I wasn't into a burger that day, so I had a refreshing bowl of gazpacho.

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          good! Very chunky, fresh tasting, and not too spicy

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          Too funny, Hungry. A link to Weight Watchers!

          FYI, the menupages shows the hours as 11:30-8:00. I googled Frog Burger, neglecting to add "philadelphia" or "poses", and got links to REAL: frog burgers. Oh No!

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            So sorry, I have no idea how that happened. Let me try this again:


        2. The owner is Steve Poses of The Frog. His Frog Commissary Cookbook is legendary on and has popped up several times on Best lists.

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            yep, and their menu says they sell copies at Frog Burger. Also serve that famous Commissary Carrot Cake.

          2. I went to Frog Burger on Memorial Day with my mother, various friends and relatives. I live in town, and decided to use this for my backyard barbeque, and it was beyond wonderful. We started at 4pm-- there was a wonderful warm breeze. We sat at the corner to view both the parkway and 20th street, at a long communal table that fit our group, and sat back to enjoy the delicious food, and ambience. Hamburgers were perfectly done, made to order. French fries are the best, I recommend the jalapena..they are only slightly hot...just enough. Grilled corn on the cob, fresh corn salad, cole slaw. Everything was delicious. Go before the summer tourists, and museum goers crowd it. Even then, I suspect late afternoon will be a good time for locals.

            Prices are very very reasonable considering everything is fresh and hamburgers grilled to order.. They are open everyday from 11:30 until 8pm, which is past museum hours.