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Jun 4, 2010 06:21 AM

One week in Vancouver

We have rented an apartment located at 2nd and Wylie. We have a kitchen for the convenience of having at least breakfast in. Are there any good espresso places and/or places to buy good coffee beans and good pastry shops nearby? Also any other food shops or highlights nearby.
I will use others suggestions for places to eat as there is lots of info on this board!

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  1. For coffee beans in that area - up near Broadway&Cambie is one of the best places to get coffee here: Elysian Room. There is also an Artigiano inside the London Drugs close by.

    1. Any good pastry chops nearby for breakfast pastries?

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        Whole Foods on 8th @ Cambie is the best choice in that 'hood and Yes I know that's not saying much.

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          Also - Granville Island isn't that far away from where you are. There are a number of pastry shops and bakeries there.

          1. re: fmed

            I really like Terra Breads for breakfast pastries. They have a couple of locations and one of them is at Granville Island. I believe Whole Foods might carry their product as well.