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Jun 4, 2010 06:19 AM

Good Fish Taco in Plano

Anyone have any good recommendations for fish taco's in Plano. Tried one at On the Border and it was awful. Tried some at Shuck n Jive that were pretty good. Really like the taco at Yucatan Taco Stand in Ft. Worth but just don't make it out that way too much. Prefer grilled/blackened over fried. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks

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  1. the fish tacos I've had at the Fish Shack have been good. In, fact, everything I've tried there has been good. 15th Street, a couple blocks EAST of 75.

    1. It's technically Dallas but just a stones throw from Plano but Berryhill at Preston and Frankford is very good with lots of options. It is very casual and affordable. Blue Goose also has some good fish tacos, it's at Park and Preston.

      18101 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252

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        FYI.....Berryhill is closed. Just happened in the last month or so I think.

      2. Jim thanks for the response. I have never even heard of the fish shack. I will definitely try it out. Head Glue Goose is literally 3 miles from the house so I will check it out as well. Went there a few years ago and had a less than stellar meal but I will give it another shot. Thanks for the link to both!!

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          If you are that close to Goose then I also rec going up to Park and Tollway and in same shopping center as Super Target try Tin Star. Fast casual place with very good fish tacos, amongst other choices.

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            Thanks Head you are a wealth of information. I pass it everyday coming home from work. :)

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            I had the grilled fish tacos at Uncle Julio's on the tollway at Keller Springs the other day and they were outstanding. Very fresh tasting with plenty of fish and an avocado cream sauce. Best I've had of any of the other fish tacos I've tried around town.

          3. Fish Tacos at the Fish Shack on 15th or best of breed hands down. They are also one heck of a deal on Friday's at lunch. Either Grilled, Blackened or Fried $5. This comes with a spicy coleslaw and rice or fries, rings... I would also highly recommend their calamari.

            Seabreeze in Plano on Preston just south of Spring Creek also has a very good Fish Taco, but not really worth the extra cost over Fish Shack.

            Spring Creek Restaurants
            4108 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

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              I also forgot to mention that all the Flying Fish locations do a good fish taco. I think that Fish shack is better, but Flying fish is worth eating as well.

            2. Try Kelly's Eastside for a Salmon fish taco. Sounds different but extremely good.

              Kelly's Eastside
              1422 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

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              1. re: Bigr72

                So I haven't been able to get to some of the places that are on my list but I should mention that I tried the fish taco's at Uncle Julio's last night and they were okay. The fish was seasoned very well but I wasn't too impressed with the avocado sauce. The cabbage mix that were on them were very fresh and crispy and overall they were pretty tasty. The low point was when I wanted to spice then up and put some of their salsa on them. Big mistake unless you like bland. It tasted like charred tomatoes and cilantro. Absolutely no heat at all.

                I would probably eat them again next time I go but I think I would definitely ask for lots of pico de gallo and ask for some extra peppers to be cut up in it. I think that Fish Shack is next on my list. Keep the comments coming!

                Uncle Julios
                1125 N Union Bower Rd, Irving, TX 75061