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Jun 4, 2010 04:39 AM

Open all day???

I know, this is stupid, but I will be in Paris for one day only on Monday, and would like to know, what is open all day long.
I have to take 8 pm train and will be busy untill 3 or 4.
Please, help.

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  1. I suppose you're referring to where you can have a bite.

    I'd say cafés and brasseries are your best bet.

    Also, department stores. For museums, I'd consult their respective web pages. Some are closed Monday, some Tuesday.

    And... what station does your 8 PM train leave? If it's Gare du Nord, you may want to consider Terminus Nord Brasserie. Continuous service.

    1. Boy your timing is perfect. A Nous Paris just had 5 pages of places with terraces that are open from 12-noon to 1 or 2 AM (except as noted:
      1st – Terrasse Gallery du Kong, 1 rue du Pont Neuf, 5th floor,, open 7/7, same food as the mothership – Kong – finger food 15 and 20 E,
      4th – l’Ebouillante, 6 rue des Barres,, open 12-10 PM nice days, only lunch bad ones, menu 15E,
      Centre culturel suedois, coordinates well known, 10-6, Tuesday 10-9
      6th – Café de l’Odeon, Pl de l’Odeon,, open 7/7, salads or mains 9-16 E, 12-12
      8th – Matignon, 3, ave Matignon,, open 8-2 during the week, very bling-bling Costes, sandwiches (26-34) and cocktails, 8 am - 2 am
      9th – Café du Musee de la vie romantique, coordinates well known, 12-12
      10th – Café A, Maison de l’architecture, coordinates well known, 12-9:30
      Le Carillon, 16, rue Albert,, open weekdays 7-2, weekends 8-2.
      Le Point Ephemere, 200 quai de Valmy,, open Mon-Sat 12-2, Sunday 2-10 PM,
      Le Pause Café, 41, rue de Charonne, Mon-Sat 8-2, Sundays 9-8 PM,
      14th – l’Entrepot, 7-9, rue Francis de Pressense,, open 7/7, 9-12 midnight
      16th – Café de l’Homme, in the museum of the same name,
      17th – Le Bistrot des Dames, 18, rue des Dames,, open nonstop weekends,
      18th – l’Ete en pente douce, 23, rue Muller,, open 7/7,
      20th – La Mer a boire, 1/3, rue des Envierges,, open Tues-Sat 12-1 and Sundays 12-6 PM.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Thank you, John,
        I understand, that "reheat" hours are not for the good meals, but that all I have...

      2. "what is open all day long."

        Paraphrasing a former US prez, may I ask: what do you mean by what?

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        1. re: Parigi

          Seems that the OP means to get served a meal at 4PM, or as they say in Paris, "nonstop". (The Académie hates that word!!)

          Nice list, John, but somehow, with the French culture and mindset, I don't know how good a meal would be that is served at 4PM...No French person will be eating at that hour!

          1. re: menton1

            Those are the "reheat" hours; try to find dishes that have to be cooked to order, like steak etc.

            1. re: Oakglen

              Actually from reading the descriptions, except for Kong, they are long on salads, sandwiches and desserts.

              1. re: Oakglen

                With Oakglen's caution (re: reheating) I can recommend the following that are more traditional places (like Au Dernier Metro) from a nifty website I just stumbled across called Aquelleheure that gives 443 places with which Metro they are near:
                Le Petit Marguery
                Le Cameleon
                Chez Cecile
                Cafe Constant +
                Le Baratin.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  In my experience, although Cafe Constant may be open all day, I believe they serve meals only at designated "lunch" and "dinner" times.

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    Le Petit Marguery serves all day? I had no idea.

            2. Au Dernier Métro serves all day.

              1. It's just important to remember that unlike the culture of North America, French people just do NOT dine between 2 and 8PM!!! They may run into McDo's or Quick at an off hour, but not to a real restaurant. So be prepared that even if a restaurant serves something during these off hours, it's not going to be the top of their game.