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Jun 4, 2010 02:55 AM

Getting Married In Portland, Looking For Caterers

Hello, all.

I'm getting married in Portland, Me in October of this year, and am starting to look for caterers to research and meet with. I'll be in the city next week, in fact, and will try to meet some there. I already have an appointment with Aurora Provisions, but want to check out other options as well.

We're daring eaters with diverse backgrounds (I'm Puerto Rican, she's Irish) and we'd like to serve our guests food that's both good and interesting. It doesn't have to be sous-vide and crazy foams--we'd just prefer to veer away from the chicken / wasabi tuna / steak kind of thing that seems to happen at every wedding. It can be simple: We're not snobs (just chowhounds!). We would consider Puerto Rican food, but other things as well, except for lobster, as we'll be doing a lobster bake for the rehearsal dinner.

Any suggestions for caterers we should check out would be really great, as neither of us are from the area. If you have suggestions for restaurants that can cater weddings, that'd be great too.


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  1. Hi there,
    I'm now hunting around for Portland, ME caterers for my June 2011 wedding and came across your post. Any tips to shared? Who did you end up going with, and how did it go? I'm trying to plan from the DC area, so any suggestions most appreciated! Thanks!

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    1. re: gablam

      Aurora Provisions does a fine job:

      If you want a distinct Maine-y feel, call Courtney at Maine Lobster Bake:
      I made the audio/slide show (right side of homepage) of an island lobsterbake last August.

      Joe's Boathouse near Spring Point Marina recently built an event-specific dockhouse right on the water:

      Whereever you choose, book soon - Courtney tells me her weekends are getting crowded.

      1. re: johnnydj

        Really inteeesting venue to actually have the event at is the Ocean Gateway facility. If the cruise ship schedule doesn't clash it has location and views second to none.

      2. re: gablam

        I used Black Tie Catering for a summer cocktail party and I was really pleased. They listened to my ideas, took them and ran with them. They were really easy to work with, set up a wonderful bar, and people are still raving about the food.

        1. re: majik

          Used Black Tie many years ago and they were wonderful - easy to work with, inventive ideas for menu, terrific food. Glad to hear their food is still of such high quality.

      3. New England Couture Cakes in s Portland is the best wedding cake in maine

        1. Black Tie Catering, Nancy Cerny at CVC Catering, Jim Keithley of Keithley in the Kitchen, Personal Touch Catering, Kau Kau Katering (Hawaiian) is fun...

          1. I know a GREAT wedding photographer -- Brittany Rae Photography here in Portland, Maine. Brittany's studied along side the best in the country, she's dependable, very good & super sweet! (tell her "DEPA" sent you!) :-)