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Jun 3, 2010 11:14 PM

Has anybody ever used the "flavor wave" oven?

I have seen this oven advertised for years. It is usually highly rated by users but I have never met anyone that owns one.

It is supposed to use heat, convection and infra red to cook.

Have you used one? How did you like it? Do you have any recipes for it?

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  1. I don't own one, but looking at the reviews. It has a somewhat averaged review at 3.5 stars

    I don't think the technology is really that different than a convection toaster oven and if you like the bowl sharp as opposed to the toaster oven design, you have other options as well at lower price points.

    Secura, Aroma and Sunpentown and others:

    1. I use a Sunpentown convection turbo oven to roast my coffee each week. Never used it for food

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        I own the same oven and make everything from chicharron to sublime roasted chicken.

      2. I have used or have/had most of these cookers. The first reply is a good one for review. They ALL cook faster than a conventional oven. A 20min item will cook in about 16 minutes. And NONE of them cook from the inside out....if that were true, you couldn't have a medium rare steak???? They all say turn about half way thru. Jetstream oven has the strongest fan and it is 2-stage and I've repaired the motor myself at least twice. But the others are all but impossible. The plastic housing cracks over time and the glass ones are heavy and awkward. Replacement parts are expensive...cheaper to buy a new one (before it is discontinued) AND they are rarely interchangeable.(save maybe the racks) i.e. There was the Flavorwave, The Flavorwave Deluxe, and now the Turbo...All 3 have a different design and the former two are not available from the Distributor.
        How do you save??? No preheating required and running on 110V vs.220V. Incidentally, the voltage in America has gone from 250/125 to 220/110...which ultimately reduces output of amps and watts.(more on that later). Vacuum sea and season pork chops, chicken breasts, etc. and you've got a quick meal. Great for 1-3 persons.. Good for Shake and Bake and great for warming Supermarket fried chicken. The Jetstream does the best for crispness (because of the fan)...the Flavorwave/Nuwave (same motor) does the worst...but still better than a microwave. The Aroma is the only one of the four I've tried to get over 400 deg. The Jetstream gets about 375/380 and the Flavowaves/Nuwaves get about 340/350. For crispy foods remove the tops when done, else they will steam
        In the USA, the voltage drop greatly affects heats output. And most kitchens are only 15-20 amps...and the outlets are usually the same for your lights, refrigerator, coffee pot, etc. That is probably why electric BBQ and Deep Fryers don't work well at home.

        I don't own a dishwasher, but I suspect that would be the best the ones where the motor head is permanently attached.. Flour based items don't bake well, and bread does not do well either...despite the commercials. Cakes/cornbread/biscuits (though still inferior to conv oven) Do best in the Jetstream (I suspect because of the fan speed)..
        Despite the things I've highlighted above, I would recommend depends on how often you use them how many you should own at one time.

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          1. i am about to buy this turbo oven, i just want o ask if i can cook rice as well using this product same as rice cooker? thanks

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              Well you could put a lidded pot containing rice, hot water and salt into the cooker and, yes, you would eventually end up with cooked rice. Pretty pointless exercise IMO.

              Be aware that they take up quite a lot of space, including height if you have a hinged lid model (which can be a little unstable with the lid up and the bowl removed). Also getting hot food out of a very hot deep bowl is tricky.

              However, they cook well and I've had two, but gave them away and now have a toaster oven which suits me much better.