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Jun 3, 2010 10:12 PM

You are the Bacon to my Maple

You may have heard about a little shop called VooDoo Donuts in downtown Portland, Oregon
I was inspired by a maple bar they serve with two delicious savory strips of bacon.
Neither complicated or posh, one of my favorite sweets has always been homemade rice crispy treats. I've taken that age-old recipe and added a little flavor.
I call them...Maybes

1/4 cup butter
50 marshmallows
6 cups crispy rice cereal (brand of choice)
11 strips of bacon diced
2 T. Maple extract (pure please)

In a stock pot add your diced candy of meats (bacon). Cook over a medium low heat until brown and crispy. Do not drain as the delicious fat adds so much to the flavor. Add butter until melted fully. Now invite the mallow to the party. Stirring with a wooden spoon once in a while speeds up the melty process. Once gooey and mostly melted add maple extract. Now add your crispy cereal. Mix well and dump into pan of choice.
Tip: getting your hands wet with water allows you to spread the mixture evenly in your pan while avoiding the sticky mallow mess.
Tip: Refrigerate pan of treats immediately after to prevent that staleness many crispies I've encountered tend to acquire.
Remove treats from fridge once chilled and cut them to desired shape and size. If they aren't gone within the first round, return to fridge.

I dare you not to like these.
Make sure and eat a carrot or something healthy for dinner.
You are guaranteed to feel like a glutton.
Don't feel too bad though.

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  1. P.S. Maybe is a play on maple bacon. FYI. Enjoy!

    1. A bacon maple rice crispy treat? I gotta say... interesting.

      1. I would totally eat that. Sweet-savory is such an amazing combination. I am not so sure about room-temperature solidified bacon grease in a bar though. Hrmm.

        1. Reminds me of the bacon doughnuts at Nickel Diner in downtown LA.

          1. I actually saw the restaurant on I believe it was Guy Fierri's Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives. Since it is only a few miles away, I should check it out! But I think I should also give your treats a try. Sounds great.