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Jun 3, 2010 09:33 PM

Good Italian Restaurants in SW Houston / Galleria area?

Would appreciate recommendations for a great Italian meal when in Houston this weekend. We'll be in the Galleria area, but would consider options in SW Houston.

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  1. I crave the Scampi Grotto at Grotto. It's an appetizer and I get that with a side of pasta and make it a meal. It's only 3 shrimp but they are huge and so delicious. I can rarely finish it all. The only thing I've eaten at Grotto that I didn't like was their Shrimp Paillard - it was tasteless. Everything else I've had there was good to great.

    1. Corelli's on Westheimer at Chimney Rock makes the best Chicken Piccata I've ever had. I usually sub the pasta suga rosa for alio oglio.

      My boss always has the Salmon Pignetti which is no longer on the menu, but still served. It's a salmon fillet served with a sweet red sauce.

      Also, La Vista on Fountainview between San Felipe and Westheimer is very popular, though I've never been.

      A new place just opened on Voss, (again between San Felipe and Westheimer), called Mancuso's Table. I've only been there once but wouldn't hesitate to go again.

      La Vista
      1936 Fountain View Dr, Houston, TX 77057

      Corelli's Italian Cafe
      5640 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

      1. My dentist raves about Crapitto's. I've never been but it is just about a quarter mile from the Galleria, inside the Loop.

        Of course, Da Marco's is often listed as one of the very best restaurants in Houston (very expensive). It's about 5 miles inside the Loop on Westheimer.

        The Mandola family (remember Damian Mandola and Johnny Carraba of the PBS cooking show?) have been long time restaurantuers in Houston. Some of their restaurants include the original Carraba's on Kirby, still owned and operated by the family and said to be much better than the chain locations, Vincent's in Montrose, Tony Mandola's in River Oaks, and Damian's in Near Town.

        texasredtop have you been to Grotto since it was taken over by Landry's? Did it go downhill in your opinion?

        Da Marco
        1520 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006

        Crapitto's Restaurant
        2400 Midlane St, Houston, TX 77027

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          I don't know if this is further than you were wishing to travel, but Antica was fantastic. Absolutely wonderful service, great food, and truly a nice pleasant experience. You may have to make reservations. We went there for our anniversary this year and really enjoyed it.

          Antica Osteria

          2311 Bissonnet Street
          Houston, TX 77005-1511
          (713) 521-1155

          1. re: dexmat

            It was owned by Landry's the first time I ever went. I didn't know that until later. Had I known that I would have probably not even gone. It surprised me because I'm not a fan of the Landry's restaurants. I love Grotto's scampi, it's the best I've ever had. I first went there with some girls from work and then after I retired, I took my husband there a few times for lunch and he's liked everything he's ever had. We took a friend from Edmonton, Alberta there and she loved it too.

            I haven't been there in about a year or maybe a 18 months and I need to get a scampi fix bad.

            Their desserts are also very good. The antipasti bar is excellent. The service has always been extremely accommodating. It's the only Landry's restaurant I go to. Just don't waste your time on the Shrimp Paillard.

          2. I love the original Carraba's on Kirby. Still owned by Johnny & Damian and has none of the chain feel. Grotto's is only a mere shadow of itself since Landry's took over. Another spot, would be the Ciao Bello, one of the Vallone's newest ventures located in the former location of Jimmy Wilson's on San Felipe just outside the loop

            2811 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098