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Jun 3, 2010 09:26 PM

sichuan style beef jerky


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    1. hmmm - for sichuan flavored beef song (prob fomr hong kong) 99 ranch maybe. for real dried peserve beef - well hengyang chilli king has some dishes with tis preserved beef - and the ganshao beef at any good sichuan place like Chingking on garfield or Shufeng on colima will have it and it will be dry and chew y like jerky although it's just dry-cooked.

      will think some more.

      1. I was at Shun Fat Supermarket last week near the I-10 off ramp and Atlantic in Monterey Park. Sampled several kinds of Chinese jerky at one of the concession stands as you entered the front door.

        1. I bought some at this new place next door to Bahn Mi Che Calle in Rosemead. It was shredded-- hot and a hint of sweetness.

          Bahn Mi Che Calle
          8450 Valley Blvd

          1. I can never find this stuff! Surely there are some specialty markets in L.A. proper that sell it.

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              van nuys is in teh city of la. check the 99 ranch market. just call.
              also, kowloon market in chinatown, also city of la, probably has it.
              and maybe even mitsuwa, in mar vista, might have it. but call.