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Jun 3, 2010 07:17 PM

Citifield best choices?

I am going with my husband and some friends to a game tomorrow night. What would you recommend we get, and what time shall we get there? I am leaning towards the pork sandwich from Blue Smoke or Shake Shack, but I would appreciate other recs. I am not a big baseball fan, so I don't mind standing in line for a while. Keep in mind we live in Brooklyn and have a young child, so we rarely go out to dinner in the city or Queens anymore...

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  1. I should add that we have access to the Acela, Ceasars and Promenade Club Access

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    1. re: adamandeve

      trust me what the Mets do ain't baseball.
      Shake Shake while wonderful is simply not worth the wait and their fries are just like the Mets awful.
      I am a life long Mets fan and am allowed this negativity.
      Blue Smoke is far better, good ribs and wings.
      The mexican place opposite them is wonderful
      Three tacos at ten bucks or so
      Boxe frites has wonderful fries and slip the server a buck or two and get a large seltzer rather than the overpriced sodas.
      In the food market there is the wonderful Italian sub and salad place also Italian meat and chees at 15 bucks
      also a fried korean chicken
      The pizza is good but not at six bucks
      Get there early sit at the picnic tables and bring pillows and reading material and a blind fold for your child, the poor kid would be scarred for life watching them.
      If you don't lay aside plenty of dead presidents for the necessary shrink bills.
      In fact the Wilpons should have shrinks at all games for solace for us fanatics
      enjoy and send feedback

      1. re: foodismylife

        I'm sorry to report that Blue Smoke no longer carries wings. It does have an outpost in the Promenade this year. The Acela Club is mighty tasty, if money is no object. I've enjoyed the fried fish sandwich from the seafood place as well, never tried their lobster roll.

        1. re: Val55

          The lobster roll is SO not worth it. It was tiny, mediocre, and like $18-$20, fries not included.

          The Blue Smoke pulled pork is pretty good; and since that's what everyone tends to get and since the pork is made ahead, the line moves fast. Get that, then turn around and go to the beer kiosk and get something like a Goose Island summer ale.

    2. I went for the first time last month. We enjoyed shake shack (both a burger - note no veggie burger option here - and a black and white shake) and an oder of box frites "disco fries" which were basically piutine (good but too much as at 10 bucks - made the 975 double stack look like a bargain) and I don't think this application higlighted the fries (which were great) as much as a simple dipping sauce (the bacon mayo was really baconey).

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      1. re: tex.s.toast

        Yeah go for the bacon mayo with the fries, although they do give you a tiny portion for the cost (something like $8 for a "large").

        I've never braved the line for Shake Shack...I'm there to watch baseball, not stand in line for half the game.

        The Blue Smoke pulled pork sandwich is good, with a nice smokey flavor, but could use some cole slaw or a touch more sauce for lubrication. Not that I thought the meat was dry (it wasn't), I just thought it got a little boring about halfway through.

        All in all though, I've had much better food experiences at Citifield than at Yankee Stadium, which made me rethink my earlier love of Carl's Cheesesteaks.

        Yankee Stadium
        1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

      2. I never eat in the stadium its so overpriced, I always bring in food from nearby Flushing CHINATOWN

        1. I realize the OP has already gone to the game, but if anyone comes searching, the best thing at Citi (mentioned in one of the posts above) is almost certainly the Mama's of Corona special sub - Italian cold cuts and fresh mozzarella, w/ ramekins of roasted pepper and marinated mushrooms to be added at your discretion. This is the signature sandwich from a Queens neighborhood deli, and it should be right in a Chowhounder's wheelhouse -- both delicious and local. It's right behind my seats on the promenade level behind home plate, and there are locations on the main level as well, including the World's "Fare" (wince) market.

          Also, despite a price hike from last year, the Blue Smoke ribs are still a good value, although they can get a little overdone on the edges. I don't think the quality control is quite on the level of the main restaurant.

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          1. re: Mark Alberts

            Can't go wrong with a Mama's hero. My experience this year is to find no line at all for the Blue Smoke pulled pork, which is very good, as is the tap beer they sell with it. Also note, the Box Frites and Taco stands carry tap beer as well and by mid-game the lines are usually minimal--it's worth walking there just for the tap beer. and then watch the game from behind the center field seats...

            1. re: Mark Alberts

              Second Mark's rec for Mama's of Corona. Watched my Reds get shut out by Santana and the Mets last night, but it was ok, because the italian special was so damn good. Great fresh mozz and I really dug the marinated mushrooms. It's a little pricey at 10.50, but absolutely no line. I would choose this over Blue Smoke in a heartbeat.

              1. re: ChiefHDB

                do they only make that one sandwich or will they alter it according to your non meat needs...could you just get sundried tomatoes and mozzarell?

                1. re: janie

                  I'm almost certain I saw a veggie option last night.

                  1. re: ChiefHDB

                    Yes, the veg option is that great fresh mozz with roasted vegetables. The roasted veggies are very good. They usually put it together fresh for you -- and I always ask that they take the veggies from the top of the pile (and even shake off a little) because towards the bottom it can get very oily.

            2. I send my kid to get the fried flounder sandwich from Catch of the Day? Last time he brought mine back with fresh jalapeno slices so I guess he's learning. The bun is dismal but they give you a nice hunk of fish that's breaded and fried quite well. Tartar sauce is average but won't kill you. $8 bucks plus change. I forget who sells them (Nathans?) but the big old bag of slow roasted peanuts are excellent and at five bucks a bargain relatively speaking... nice with the Honkers Ale that's sold here and there.