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Jun 3, 2010 06:59 PM

dinner and a drink or 2 for 1 in newport

I am going to a wedding in Newport this weekend but as I am not in the wedding party will be on my own for a few hours Saturday evening while the wedding party is rehearsing and dining. I am thinking I'd like to walk around and get a bite and a drink. I am staying at the Hotel Viking and am not sure if that is walking distance to the bar/restaurant/shopping area. I'd love some suggestions where a solo diner will feel comfortable, and also would love to know what streets are good for walking around (hopefully they are near the hotel). Thanks all.

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  1. Julieapfel, the Hotel Viking is right around everything and everything is walkable from there. On a weekend, it's going to be fairly crowded in mst places. Alone your best bet is sitting at the bar or even eating at the Viking. So many good places to eat around there that you'd have to do a search. Outside the Viking, if you stay on that avenue walk toward the famous mansions and there's a decent irish Pub' about a quarter mile away next to the Tennis Hall Of Fame. There's a highly raved about italian restaurant on the corner there, slightly toward the beach whose name escapes me. You'll pass by a few restaurants and bars on the way should you change your mind...

    If not, walk down the hill, from the Viking to Thames and plenty to eat and shop. I'd suggest eating at the Cooke House which is on a dock, near where they do sunset cruises. There's also 2 good wine bars that serve food, one of them does at least, within fifty yards of the Cooke House - right in same shopping area. One is five steps away from the Cooke house.

    There you go. Hope it helps. Sorry if vague. Plenty of bars to sit and eat at.