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Jun 3, 2010 06:01 PM

Martha's Vineyard - Birthday Cake, Take-Out Seafood, and More

Hello all - Going to Martha's Vineyard for a long weekend to celebrate a 40th birthday. We'll be in a condo with access to a grill and a kitchen. Questions for the group...

1. Where can I order/buy a good Birthday cake?
2. Where can I order/buy a good ice cream cake?
3. Where can I order/buy steamed lobster and/or fried seafood to go?

Here are some recommendations I got, please comment...
Seafood to Go - Edgartown seafood
Meat to Grill - Shiretown Meats
Take Out Sandwiches/Food - Soigne
Restaurants - Atlantic, Alchemy, Chesca's
Casual Restaurant - Newes Pub
Ice Cream - Mad Martha's


Mad Martha's Cafe
10 4th St, Newbury, MA 01951

Take Out
82 Chapel St, Norwood, MA 02062

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  1. It would be helpful to know what town you are staying in, unless you don't mind trucking all over the island.

    For the birthday cake, I can highly recommend Leslie Hewson of Mediterranean ( with enough notice she can probably make you just about anything. She made my wedding cakes ( white w/ raspberry filling and chocolate w/ chocolate ganache). It probably won't be cheap, but it will make for a very memorable 40th and that's tough to put a price on.

    Sorry I can't really weigh in on any of your other requests.

    1. Edgartown Seafood is great but no fried seafood. if you're on the other side of the island Net Result is good AND if you want the best fried fish on the island The Bite is a little greasy shack right in Menemsha (fisherman community).

      Mad Martha's has the best ice cream - I recommend any of their flavors that have the word cream in them - Oreo cream and Reeses cream are my favorites. But Lattanzi's has AMAZING gelato they might make a gelato cake for you - they have a great pastry chef who makes wonderful cakes.

      The Newes Pub is OK but the best casual dining is Lattanzi's - they have a fine dining side, a pizza parlor side, and a cafe. Best pizza east of NY. Another great one is Jimmy Seas in Oak Bluffs - they are famous for their pasta and they serve it in the pan they make it in.

      But a restaurant with great value is The Grill right next to Shiretown Meats. It's a nicer restaurant with impeccable food.

      If you are with a large group and plan on drinking quite a bit I might recommend going to West Tisbury (dry town) because you can BYOB - Lambert's Cove and Theo's are great. Spendy so its nice to be able to bring great wine and spend more on the food.

      Mad Martha's Cafe
      10 4th St, Newbury, MA 01951

      1. Larsen's in Menemsha will do excellent lobster and steamers as well as a raw bar. You can even sit outside on lobster pots and eat or take the food over to Menemsha Beach for the sunset.

        1. You might want to post on the Southern New England Board, and do a search of the General New England Archives. The Vineyard seems to have gotten somewhat lost in the boards reorganization, but there are still a few posts.

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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We are staying in Vineyard Haven. (I tried to look for old posts about MV, but they seemed to be over a year old, and I wanted some updates, but I'll check those other boards as well. )

          2. PS We will be in Vineyard Haven.