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Jun 3, 2010 04:32 PM

Pile of Crawfish

Crawfish...Crawdads...Crayfish. I am never certain of the correct reference, so perhaps you can tell me that too in New Orleans? Once...a long time ago, I had the real deal in the South, and have never been able to find a duplicate in all my travels. I am certain New Orleans won't let me down.
I am looking for the best spot in New Orleans to get a PILE of Crawfish, preferably spicy and best prepared. I will be staying with all the other tourists in the Quarter, but willing to cab it to the right place. I will always go where the good eats are. recommendations?

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  1. The correct term is crawfish, however I work in the Warehouse Dist. and live 32 miles west so I cannot tell you where to get the best (other than at my friend's house). I know Lucy's, Yo Mama's, Johnny White's and Ernst boil crawfish but not every day. Lucy's and Ernst have them on Friday afternoons, 4 PM til they run out.

    1. In the Quarter, definitely check out Yo Mama's. They boil Thurs-Sunday, 3 boils a day, serving first one around noon. The season normally wraps in June so you may want to call first, depending upon your arrival date.

      Yo Mama's does a great boil. Flavorful base with nicely sized, sweet crawfish. Cannot miss!

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        Excellent...Thank you. Yo Mama's sound great...and it will be fun to ask a stranger on the street. "Where's Yo Mama's at? "
        I will be there early on a Friday morning, so that sounds like a perfect lunch.

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          I don't want to discourage you from eating the berld crawfish at yo mama's (I've never had them there so can't comment on quality) But it would be a real shame for you to miss out on one of their burgers while you're there.

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            head to sal's seafood on barataria on the westbank. get in cab take bridge over to westbank, stay n expressway till barataria, take left, look for sal's on right. best pile of crawfish you can get. 20 minutes cab ride from quarter but worth it. crawfish, potato, corn, crab dip for potato's,, etc. tis the BEST

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              Thanks Again! I made my way to Sal's Seafood. This was IT. Unbelievably nice staff, and the PILE of Crawfish was perfect. Better than all expectations. 6 Pounds of Crawfish, 4 Miller lite--$24.04. The best lunch I have had in any city in a very very long time.
              They bring it to your newspaper covered table in a paper bag and pour it down hot and spicy. No utensils, just napkins and smiles! Absolutely perfect.

              Sal's Seafood
              1512 Barataria Blvd, Marrero, LA

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                oh yeah baby. sal's is the real deal. unless you make it to one of my boils that is...

                sal's is killer. get the crab dip to spread on the boiled potato's next time!