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Jun 3, 2010 04:10 PM

Pubs/Restaurants/Bars near the amphitheater in Alpharetta

Hi all,

I will be coming to Atlanta for a couple of shows next month at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. We are staying in Buckhead and going to Woodfire Grill on Friday night. We want to find a cool bar or pub with good drinks/food to watch the world cup games before the shows. Are there any places walking distance or close by to the amphitheater that are noteworthy?

In Atlanta, where would you recommend to do similar activities?

What are the can't miss brunch places or BBQ joints?

Thank you for your help!


Woodfire Grill
1782 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

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  1. close to the amphitheater i would recommend Locos to watch the game. they have better than average pub food with a great beer selection.
    if you want good mexican food i would try Pure (the pork gorditas are great).

    are you headed up for the Phish shows?

    and for BBQ i would recommend Fox Brothers near Little Five Points.

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    1. re: jeffbatl

      Yea, heading up for Phish. We will probably stay in Buckhead and organize car service or a taxi reservation up to Alpharetta both days. Is that the part of Atlanta you would recommend us to stay in if we want to head to bars after the shows?

      Where in Atlanta proper will be a good place to watch the games?

      1. re: mikek

        Buckhead is fine but the bar scene there has really gone down hill. the best bar scene in ATL is still Virginia Highlands. you could get a motel in midtown near the Fox. and there are tons of restaurants and bars to hit out there.

        and getting a cab is the way to go. Alpharetta's finest will be in full force for the phish shows and holiday weekend.

        the best place to watch the games is in Little Five Points at the Brewhouse Cafe. They even open early early for the games