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Jun 3, 2010 04:08 PM

Kosher on Court Street?

Are there any clean, kosher restuarants on Court Street?

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  1. I'll be in that area this week. Please help me!

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    1. re: Luckydog

      coffee shop dairy/pareve (tuna, falafel soups in lobby of 16 court st) take out

      There are tables in front of Boro hall where u can sit and eat

      1. re: berel

        It think calling it a coffee shop is a real stretch. I went there to get lunch one day and found only tuna or chopped egg salad sandwiches on what looked to be wonderbread. $5 each so I went to Court Order and bit the bullet for a Yummy Sandwich. As for falafel, there's the guy on Court and Joralemon who does a good falafel, sabbich or boureka. He is always happy to oblige my love of amba sauce.

    2. You're not far from Wild Ginger; and Olga's on Smith, which is a bit far to walk, will deliver.

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      1. re: zsero

        There is VEGETARIAN GINGER in the old THE GREENS location----skimpy portions but good.

      2. The original comment has been removed