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Jun 3, 2010 03:25 PM

Indian sweets

Where's the best place in town to buy Indian sweets to go? I'm hoping for both high quality and wide selection. An old post mentioned that Bollywood Grill sells homemade sweets -- if they still do, are they the best bet?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Follow up: Bollywood Grill will make sweets to order, but only for large quantities -- too large for my order. Among the Indian markets and groceries in town, which has the widest and freshest selection of sweets? I'll be picking up on a Friday.

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      This is a tough one. I've had good sweets from the Indian store (I forget the name) on W. Sahara near Decatur (south side of Sahara)....but their selection is limited. The store is small. Hubby (a far better judge of Indian sweets than I....) did NOT like the ones at Bollywood. The largest selection might be in the Indian store (again, I forget the name) on Maryland Parkway a block or two south of Tropicana, in the same strip mall as the late, lamented Sai Curry.