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Jun 3, 2010 02:39 PM

Taste of the Nation LA

My favorite food event of the year is here once again!! Is anyone else going? The list of chefs and their planned menus is amazing, as always:

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  1. The details:
    Sunday, June 6, 1 to 4pm, Media Park (9070 Venice Boulevard), Culver City

    EDIT: in my calendar I got this confused with the Taste of the WORLD festival held the following weekend downtown at LA Historical Park on N. Spring Street.

    1. I'll be there! I can't wait - all of the menus do sound amazing!

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      1. re: chris1621

        This sounds great! I've never been to an event like this. Does the price include both food and drinks?

        1. re: ming

          Yes, it does and one hundred percent of the ticket sales go to local organizations like Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and others that work on childhood hunger issues. Great cause, fantastically organized event. It's close to what you would pay for a tasting menu at a lot of the participating restaurants, but instead you get to sample small plates from many of the high end restaurants in town. I apologize for going on and on, but I can't say enough about how fun this event is and how much I look forward to it ever year!

          1. re: mollyomormon

            Hi MollyO! You say it's fantastically organized, but where is it held again? And, how incredibly crowded does it get? I was considering it, but after last year's Korean BBQ festival that was over crowded and steaming hot, I know the DH and my boys won't be up for it.

            1. re: Phurstluv

              I'm assuming because the tickets are priced at $100, that keeps the event from being crowded. There are plenty of people, but at any given booth, I would say I've never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes for food and there are many where you can just walk right up. I think having been to this event for the past few years has sort of ruined other food festivals for me just because this one is so well-planned (and I do realize this is because the organizers have been doing it for many years and the price is prohibitive for many people so it doesn't draw the huge crowds that something like the street food fest drew). It's held at Media Park in Culver City which is the park right next to the Culver City Trader Joe's. It's a very well-shaded park so I've never had a problem with the heat in past years.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                Great, sounds good, thanks Molly O. I'll see if Mr. Phurstluv is up for it this weekend.

                1. re: Phurstluv

                  Fantastic! I hope you guys are able to make it!

      2. Tickets-Tickets-Tickets

        I noticed they stopped selling online, will there be tickets at the gate for sale or is the event sold out?


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        1. re: Centerline24

          I have the same question -- can't seem to find a number to call. What gives???

        2. Yeah, I'm very excited for this event. Went for the first time last year and was really impressed by how well it was put together. Had a blast.

          1. I'm going! Had a great time last year, and can't wait to go again! Agree that it is very well-organized. The online menu looks great, aside for the fact that I think 4 chefs are doing tuna tartare, and some others are doing similar. Well, I do love cold fish on a hot day! Agree with mollyomormon that you don't have to wait long for food and there are shady areas to take a break in. Definitely worth going.