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Jun 3, 2010 02:22 PM

I Have the BEST Mom in the whole world! She made me some

That's right my Mom is the best. Right now I am recovering from a car accident and besides having no car, it's a bit painful for me to move around. So Mom boiled up two eggs to make deviled eggs (4 halves) just as comfort food for me. Yes, it's those little things.

What has your Mom done (or other special person) that was food/comfort token showing that they cared?

Let's share the good stuff!

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  1. I can think of two.

    I was twenty-six when I left the man I was supposed to marry. I went home to stay with my parents, clear my head, and get back on my feet (having left an entire life behind). I thought I was fine with my decision. The first morning I woke up in my old room, I felt . . . stricken, at the size of the loss. I went downstairs for coffee, trying to keep everything at bay, and my mother was in the kitchen. She had just made coffee, and she turned around, smiling. I thought I was wearing a pretty good poker-face, but her own face fell when she saw me. "Oh, honey!" she said. She held me for a moment while I cried, but then broke away to fix me a cup of coffee. She led me to the couch, sat me down, and pushed the cup into my hands. Whenever I sobbed, she said, gently, "Drink your coffee." She kept pushing my hands, cluthcing the mug, up toward my mouth. Finally, I calmed down, sighed, and said, "Mom, you make terrible coffee." The look on her face sent me into a fit of laughter, and she was so relieved that I stopped crying that she started laughing too. She sat on the couch, drinking coffee and giggling with me, for so long that she was late for work.

    Shortly after I first met a new friend, I came down with a cold. I saw him just after work, and said how I just needed to crawl into bed, stay warm, and watch movies. He showed up shortly after I got home, and handed me a brown paperbag. It looked like something a mom would pack a lunch in. It contained one package of chicken ramen soup, two packets of green tea, a bottle of honey, one bag of peanut M&M's, a tin of cough drops, and a packet of teaberry gum. He explained he was supposed to meet some friends, and that was the best he could do on such short notice. He said, quite earnestly, that I was the only other person he knew that liked teaberry gum, and that the ramen in the styrofoam container was MUCH better than the plastic packet. He offered to microwave the soup for me. It wasn't until after he had left that I noticed that he had slit open the M&M's and removed all the blue ones, and then carefully scotch-taped it shut. Because he knew I hated the blue ones. That was over eight years ago; he is the guy I'm talking about when I say, 'the boyfriend'.

    This is the same boyfriend who, at my mother's house, when accepting a cup of coffee and glancing down into the mug, said, "Oh, tea, thank you."

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      That made me Awwwww right out loud. Thanks for warming my heart with your sweet story/

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        >>This is the same boyfriend who, at my mother's house, when accepting a cup of coffee and glancing down into the mug, said, "Oh, tea, thank you."<<

        Wow, her coffee really was terrible! Nice that you have TWO lovely people in your life.

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          Great, great story! My BF, who i've known since i was 7, but didn't get together with until after 35 years had passed, wooed me with (cocktails first ,but then) a late night snack of cold cuts, whole wheat bread toasted, a cup of blue cheese dressing for dunking (!) and the piece de resistance - a bowl of condensed milk with grapes to dip in! growing up we ALWAYS had condensed milk around - typical Bolivian family staple. My BF was my first and only Bolivian bf, and it really hit home that we had a connection. There's a bowl of CM in our fridge right now.

        2. Many years ago (I was thirteen) I was in an accident and broke my hip. This happened late in the afternoon. Ny the time they got me x-rayed and cleaned up, scheduled for surgery, and into my room it was around nine or ten at night. I hadn't eaten since lunch and was starving. Mom was a volunteer at the hospital coffee shop. She persuaded one of the security guys to open it up, and brought me a tuna salad on wheat toast, whole milk, and a three musketeers bar. Still one of the best meals I ever had. <g>

          1. ... matzoh ball soup. This was the ultimate comfort food that my mother always made when my sister or I had our braces adjusted growing up. She still makes it whenever I come home, and I always look forward to it.

            1. Whenever I was sick as a kid, my mom would always make me a cup of Herb Ox chicken broth with macaroni noodles floating in it. To this day, I still crave fake, salty chicken broth with pasta floating in it whenever I feel bad. It was just her thing.

              I also remember whenever she cooked with cheddar cheese, she would slice extra strips for us to snack on. It always felt so decadent, eating cheese straight in big hunks. I still always think of her whenever I munch on some cheddar.

              1. This happened just yesterday. I got home from work feeling pretty awful - lots of sickness going around - so the man of the house put me on the couch with the remote and a blanket and then proceeded to make, with my step-by-step instruction, udon soup for me. He did the dashi from scratch and everything, and he is definitely not the cook in our house! The soup was great, too. :)